Monster’s Songs

Monster loves music. He loves listening to it, dancing to it, humming it, and ‘making’ music. We love playing new songs for Monster and watching his reaction to them.

Over the last year, we’ve compiled a list of Monster’s favorite songs. Some songs were selected by P or I because of the lyrics, while others are songs Monster consistently dances to or hums along with. I’d like to share some of these songs with you now, for your listening pleasure:

  1. Still Fighting It – Ben Folds. Why we love it: This song was actually written by Ben Folds about his son. I’m not really sure this is one of Monster’s favorite songs, but I’m a huge Ben Fold’s fan and one of my first thoughts after Monster was born was that this was going to be HIS song too (whether he likes or not, ha!). Monster was born in the wee hours of the morn, which is why this song works for him. Had he been born in the evening I would have had to have a chosen a different song for him. In case you’re wondering if I have a case of the crazies the first line of this song is “good morning, son” – so I obviously couldn’t have chosen this for Monster’s song if he’d been born in the afternoon or evening. 😉
  2. Don’t Stop – Foster the People. Why we love it: This song always reminds P of Monster. He thinks the chorus fits him to a T (don’t stop, don’t stop talking to me; don’t stop, don’t stop, giving me things). A couple of weeks after P first heard this song, we watched an interview with Foster the People in which they described this song as “what would happen if 4 year olds ran the world.” (I  can’t remember their exact wording), but their description of it has only made P love this song even more.
  3. Pumped Up Kicks – Foster the People. Why we love it: This was the first song Monster started dancing to by himself. It’s got a good beat – Monster just couldn’t resist it!
  4. Anything classical. Why we love it: We’ve been playing classical music for Monster since he was in the womb. When Monster was a tiny baby, we played him classical music as we rocked him to sleep. He still loves it and often times hums along to it. Oddly enough, he also loves the radio broadcaster’s voices on our local classical station and frequently “talks” to them while they’re talking. He typically doesn’t talk to the broadcasters on any of the other radio stations we listen to. Weird, huh?
  5. Do You Realize – Flaming Lips. Why we love it: I absolutely love the lyrics. Monster likes the beat. Listening to it is a win-win for both of us. This song is starting to become a staple in Monster’s nap time/bedtime routine.
  6. Carry On My Wayward Son – Kansas. Why we love it: This is one of my all-time favorite songs. And I get a kick out of singing it to Monster since he’s, you know, my son and all. P thinks this is possibly once of the worst songs of all-time. I’m pretty sure he puts earplugs in when I’m not looking when I’m playing/singing this song for Monster. I may or may not put this song on repeat when I listen to it…

Music makes the Monster happy

What are some of your favorite songs? We’d love to share them with Monster, too! 🙂


Better Late Than Never

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while now, but I just haven’t gotten to it (a theme that’s become very common the last couple months). There’s been a lot going on in the Monster household, which has left little time for posts. I’m really hoping that by June things will be less hectic and I’ll be posting more frequently (I know, I know…I keep saying this too and just changing the month).

Monster celebrated his first birthday on March 17th! We just had a small celebration with our immediate family. Monster had a great time – he got lots of noisy toys, cute  summer outfits, and most importantly – tons of attention from everyone. Monster ate it up.

Without further ado – here are some pictures from Monster’s big day:

This is definitely not my favorite flavor