8/52 & 9/52

By the time I realized I hadn’t posted photos from week 8 it was almost the end of week 9, so I figured I just post them together again. Here’s to being more organized next week, haha! 😉


The weather was so warm we actually washed our cars. The only downside was that it got cold again a couple days later and the kids were so upset they had to stay inside again.



There’s no snow on the ground this week, but still not as warm as it was the week before. If it’s not too cold, windy, or rainy we were outside though!


3 thoughts on “8/52 & 9/52

  1. They are looking so grown up now! The change in hats is funny but the weather really has been strange. My daughter came home from Arizona for spring break and said she was really hoping for snow. I didn’t hold out much hope but her first night we got a nice (albeit short lasting) snowfall so she was happy.

  2. Just wanted to wish you a very happy Easter! Down to one kid this year we skipped the Easter egg hunt–and I mailed “baskets” (aka priority mail boxes) to college. Hope you are having fun!

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