Temper Temper

I’m probably going to jinx myself by writing this post, but here I go anyway…

To date, I have to say that as Monster has gotten older he’s also gotten easier to “manage” per say. Most days, I manage to have dinner on the table by the time P gets home, a couple loads of laundry washed (but likely not folded yet), the dishwasher unloaded, and maybe an extra chore completed – like cleaning the bathrooms or vacuuming. Compared to the first few months of Monster’s life, when it felt like a miracle to get a load of laundry done and dinner on the table by the time P got home from work.

It seems the more “independent” (for lack of a better word) Monster becomes, the happier he is. These days, he’s doing very well with walking and is now practicing running. He’s also getting very good at communicating – week by week his vocabulary is growing bigger.


The best part is that Monster realizes that more often than not we understand him these days. Monster is more than happy to chatter away to us and loves letting us know his demands. Failure to indulge him in his demands however, has lead to the occasional temper tantrum. So far, they’ve been few and far between (i.e. not every day, haha). They’re also indicative of Monster being overly tired and they quickly subside with some cuddling, milk, and a nap.

I mentioned to P the other day how pleasantly surprised I was at how easy it’s been so far to calm Monster’s tantrums, especially given what a demanding baby he was those first few months. P’s ever-practical response – Monster hasn’t changed, we’ve just gotten better at dealing with him. He always knows how to rain on my parade…just kidding! His comment definitely has given me some food for thought. I’m still thinking about it, in fact!

Regardless of whether Monster is growing into a happier toddler or we’re just getting better at parenting him – I do find Monster’s occasional temper tantrums hysterical. When they do happen, it takes every ounce of willpower I have not to laugh at him. Does that make me a terrible mother?



2 thoughts on “Temper Temper

  1. Lynn:

    I loved the picture of Monster but to print it I had to print 18 pages of your blog. Would there have been an easier way?????

    • If you click on the picture it should open in a separate window, which should allow you to just print the picture. If that doesn’t work let me know – I can always e-mail you any pictures you want. 🙂

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