Hello there and welcome!

I’m Lynn – wife to Handyman Husband; mother to Monster, Miss A, and Miss J; and a fine woman in my own right (or so I’ve been told, haha).

This blog started out as a virtual baby book for Monster. Monster is the nickname we’ve given our adventurous, lovable, energetic boy (born March 2011). Since these blogs inception, we’ve also added Miss A and Miss J (twin girls – born October 2014) to our brood. However, it’s slowly morphing into my personal journal where I share our stories about our family (which are typically Monster-centric), the occasional recipe, my thoughts on life, and eventually I’d like to share some DIY crafts as well (if I ever find the time to get back to that hobby).

A little bit more about the Monster household:

  • Handyman Husband and I met in college through mutual friends. Eventually we started dating and the rest is history.
  • We practice Attachment Parenting (AP). Monster demanded it.
  • We’re practicing Catholics.
  • We’re pseudo “crunchy” parents. In addition to AP, we also breastfeed, sometimes cloth diaper, and participate in a local Community Support Agriculture (CSA). Since having Monster I’ve been learning more and more about the “slow living’ movement and have been trying to find ways to incorporate more of these tenets into our life.
  • Even though Monster is still several years away from attending school, P and I regularly debate the pros and cons of public, private, and homeschooling. Which will we choose for Monster? Only time will tell. 😉
  • Since having Miss A and J (twins!), I’ve become a stay-at-home mom.
  • I love cooking!
  • I adore coffee, baked goods, supporting local businesses, breastfeeding, books that make me think, knitting/crocheting, good conversation, beer, and music.
  • Martha Stewart is kind of my idol.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you come back again!


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