20 Months!

Wow – life has been crazy this past month! Between enjoying the last of the nice weather before the after effects from supers storm Sandy made it to us, to preparing to host Thanksgiving dinner, amongst many other activities – there has been very little time left for blogging lately.

But, better late than never is my newest mantra – so without further ado, here is Monster’s 20 month update.

20 Months!

My Little Monster-man,

You are growing up so fast! This past month was a big one for you as far as vocabulary goes. You are really getting compound words down (as long as they are one syllable each). You’ve been working really hard on saying multi-syllable words as well, and you’re getting really close to saying them. You’ve even said vacuum once or twice, instead of your usual “vac.” You’ve also been chatting up a storm, and two, three, and four word sentences are quite common now.

You’ve also started throwing tantrums. Since they’ve only happened at home so far, they are pretty hysterical. You usually throw yourself on the ground, yell “no! no! no!(repeatedly)” and flail your arms and legs. You get more upset when I laugh at your tantrum, but it’s hard not to.

Your love of tools has begun to outweigh your love of the vacuum. You especially love chain saws. You can identify a planar (in addition to many other tools). We read your daddy’s wood working books and magazines together (you insist). You like to help fix things when they break.

You say “thanks” now – although it sounds like “danks.” It is adorably cute. You’re learning to share with others, but most of the time you really don’t like it.

Lately, you’ve been behaving very well in public. We’ve been sitting with you in the main part of the church for the last month now and you’ve been great! You also were a little angel when we had to go to the ER with daddy a couple of weeks ago. Mama is so proud of how good you’ve been lately! Keep up the good work, my little man!

You’ve also started smiling for pictures lately. Such a welcome surprise. We need to do a photo shoot with you soon, before you decide to stop smiling for photos again.

We’re still waiting for you to sleep through the night. Aside from that you’re pretty perfect, so I won’t complain too much.

Happy 20 months, my sweet little boy! We love you!


First Snowfall of the Season

This morning we woke up to the first snow fall of the season – looks like Winter 2012 has officially arrived!

Monster has seen snow before, although it’s been almost a year, I think, since the last time he saw it. He was very excited about it this time around! He ate his breakfast in front of the window, contentedly watching the snow fall.

The snow didn’t stick around very long – much to Monster’s disappointment. However, if the weatherman is right, there will be more snow on the way soon for Monster to play in!

Fascinated by the snow – don’t mind our Halloween decorations…