7 Weeks


Well, I’ve got “one month” and “6 weeks” drafts saved but I didn’t manage to publish either of those in an appropriate amount of time so here’s hoping the third attempt is lucky. 😉

The little ladies are growing well – they were almost 9 lbs at their one month check up and roughly 21.5 inches long. They’re basically the same size.

They’ve recently started smiling at us which is awesome! They love watching the big brother and lately he’s started showering them with kisses and hugs. I can’t wait for them to start crawling – it’s going to be fun watching all three of them interact together.

These little ladies are great sleepers compared to big brother although like him they don’t sleep well unless they are being held. Here’s hoping they grow out of it sooner rather than later.

The biggest challenge so far is burning off all of Monster’s energy. The weather has been too cold lately to take the babies outside…so this winter will be interesting. I’m open to suggestions. 😀