Words with Toddlers

One of the best things about a toddler is that they say some pretty funny things. I’m been trying to make an effort lately to write down some of the laugh-inducing things Monster has said recently so I thought I’d share some of these conversations with you too.

  • After ejecting all the CD’s from Aunt B’s car stereo: “Thank you for the CD’s, CD player.”
  • Said upon waking from his nap and finding all his toys put away: “Oh! Is Uncle J coming over?” Clearly I need to tidy up more frequently, haha.
  • Said whenever I’m distracted and don’t answer Monster’s questions: “Hey Win (that’s what it sounds like when he says Lynn)! Are you listening?”
  • Said to G-ma: “ My mommy wears underpants. My daddy does too.”
  • Said first thing in the morning: “Bob the Builder doesn’t poop.” Me: “I think he does.” Monster: “No, he doesn’t.” Me: “Why don’t you think he does?” Monster: “Because he doesn’t have an outdoor potty at his job site.”
  • From the above two quotes can you tell I’ve been unsuccessfully trying to potty-train Monster?
  • “If I eat all the candy pumpkins will they pour out my arms?” Hmm…perhaps Monster is too young to watch Doctor Who after all.
  • Me: ” What should we get daddy for his birthday?” Monster: “Cake!” Me: “Good idea. Should we get him anything else?” Monster: “More cake. We’ll need lots of cake.”
  • Said every morning at dark-thirty “Is it time to wake up now, Mommy? Can we play now?”
  • “I need an old car. And a riding mower.” Apparently Monster is 2.5 going on 30?
Mmm cake! (Sorry for the blurry picture...didn't realize there were fingerprints on the lens...)

Mmm cake! (Sorry for the blurry picture…didn’t realize there were fingerprints on the lens…)

What funny things has your kid(s) said recently?


The Cart Before The Horse

Welcome to another installment of “Look! My kid’s going to be an engineer when he grows up!” in which I show you photographic evidence that proves the mathematical/logic genes are strong in Monster all while temporarily ignoring the fact that he typically refuses to count past 4. I generally disapprove of socially engineering (no pun intended!) your children but I make an exception when it comes to this.  😉


P brought home an electrical meter so he could re-wire a cable in an attempt to get an old CNC machine up and running at work and was teaching Monster how to use it. He loved making it beep. P was explaining conductivity to him – Monster responded very enthusiastically to the lesson: “Make it beep again! Again! Now I do it!”


It kind of looks like a dog, doesn't it?

It kind of looks like a dog, doesn’t it?

Monster got this toy in a *ahem* fast food kid’s meal recently. I showed him how they went together but didn’t think he’d be able to put them together by himself. Monster proved me wrong when he built this masterpiece. He sure knows how to make his mommy proud.


Big Bird

Apparently our backyard is bird central these days and lucky for you (haha) I’m blogging about it!

Monster has a habit of playing hide and seek with the curtains on our backdoor. This morning was no exception, except that instead of hiding behind it per usual, he closed it  back up and said to me “Oh! There’s a big bird in the backyard.” Of course I thought it was just a crow, as they frequent our backyard daily, but I decided to check it out just in case it was our hawk friend. This was the sight I was greeted with when Monster pulled the curtains back for me:

Come back in November, ok?

Come back in November, ok?

Turkeys. Six of ’em, to be exact. And they were bold! Monster decided he wanted to scare them away so we went outside…and they moved to the back of our backyard. Monster then took his toy hammer and started banging it on the deck and…they stayed right where they were. After about a minute Monster stopped and said “Oh! They’re not scared of my banging. Should we chase them?” (Monster has decided to start most sentences these days with “Oh!” It’s kind of hysterical and perhaps satirical since I think I probably say it too frequently.) Since Monster is approximately the size of a turkey and at a disadvantage since he has neither beak nor talons I axed that idea and we returned inside to play. The turkeys resumed their original position right next to our patio and stayed there until there for quite a long time. Darn birds!

Here is where I should add a note about the state of our backyard, but I’m still holding out hope that we’ll get a week of no rain soon (ha!) and the landscaper will finally show up to fix it. Should that miracle of miracles occur rest assured there will be a whole blog post devoted to it’s revival. Until then…

Eat More Mouses

At the beginning of the summer we were pleasantly surprised to find a hawk “hanging out” in our backyard. He stayed for several minutes until he noticed P and I watching him and then he took off. We thought it was a one time only deal but we’ve noticed him in our yard at least once a week. Pretty cool!

Better than a cat

Better than a cat

This past weekend while Monster was eating lunch, we spied the hawk also eating lunch –  a mouse! I wasn’t fast enough to get my camera but Monster thought it was great. After the hawk was done with his prey, Monster said “Hawk, eat more mouses! Eat more mouses!” All our noise frightened our feather friend away, but it’s nice to know someone is taking care of some of our pesky rodents. 😉

Catching Up

Despite my best intentions to write MORE during the summer, that clearly did not happen. What can I say? Life happened.
We’ve had a very full summer. There were plenty of visits with friends and family. Lots of new babies were welcomed into our circle of friends and family, including Monster’s first cousin. Hooray! We took our very first family (and extended family) vacation. We said goodbye much too soon to a dear uncle (well, great uncle in Monster’s case). Many ups and downs (but that’s life, isn’t it?).
We also started some home improvement projects and made mud pies.  We spent lots of time outside playing with ‘digger’ trucks. Good thing I didn’t plant too many flowers in the flower bed this year. Guess that means we should probably look into getting a sandbox next year if I want to plant anything and actually have it grow.
Mud is fun!

Mud is fun!

I accidentally gave Monster a crew cut a couple weeks ago and now I’m hoping it’ll grow out in time for Halloween. And yes, I’m thinking about Halloween already. And Christmas too. Eek!
Now that the weather is cooler. I’m *hoping* to make more time for blogging. I’ve had all these topics for blog posts dancing around in my head – it’s about time I got some of the out!
Here’s to posting more frequently! 🙂
All smiles

All smiles