It’s no coincidence that the last time I wrote a post was back in February. I fully intended to blog regularly, but other things just took precedence.

In February we found out we were expecting baby #2 in October! When I was pregnant with Monster, I had morning sickness every morning for pretty much the full nine months. It wasn’t ideal, but I was really grateful it was only in the morning and usually went away within an hour of waking up. This time around I was hoping I wouldn’t get it at all, but I ended up with worse morning sickness the first trimester this time around. On top of that P was working full-time and going to school full-time – so the end of February-beginning of May was interesting, to say the least. We all survived, but blogging just wasn’t at the top of my “to do” list. 🙂

Things were just settling into a more normal routine and I was starting to think I’d be able to get back to posting more regularly when we found out at our 19 week ultrasound that we are having TWINS! We opted not to find out the gender (we didn’t find out with Monster either) – so all we know at this point is that there are two babies and they are probably fraternal, although the ultrasound couldn’t 100% confirm it (they couldn’t get a good look at the placenta because it is attached in the back and the babies were blocking the view).

Anyway – now that the shock has mostly worn off, I’m hoping to get back into a more regular blogging routine, at least until the twins arrive. 😉

Monster is excited to be a big brother and is hoping he gets “a little brother and a little sister” but he’s said he’ll be happy with any combination.

And if any of you happen to be a parent of twins – I’ll gladly take any advice you have to offer! 🙂