Bird Conspiracy

Since moving into our house last summer, I’ve been trying to talk P into cutting down a dying, horrid looking pine tree in our front yard. We had another, similarly ugly pine tree that was more dead than alive, so P cut it down shortly after we moved in. However, he was holding out hope that the other one would survive. I finally convinced him to cut this down as well and this happened the week before P finished his spring semester:


That’s right, a robin built a nest in this ugly, dying tree. And halted my grand plans to finally get rid of this eye sore. Temporarily foiled, but I know this tree is coming down before the end of the year. 😉

This afternoon, Monster and I were doing some yard. I’ve had my eye on cutting down a tree/bush on the side of the house. It’s too close to the house, only looks “pretty” two weeks out of the year, and we’re doing some landscaping this year that will likely necessitate cutting it down anyway. I was planning to cut it down this week, but I spied this in the tree today:


Yep, another robin’s nest. Seriously!?!?

Don’t get me wrong, I like birds. And robins hold a special place in my heart since in our neck of the woods they’re supposed to herald the start of spring (or at least that’s what the old wives tales say). But I’d prefer if that built there nest’s in some of our other, numerous trees. Although I guess we should be flattered – when we moved in last year there weren’t any nests in any of trees. I’m taking that as a sign that the birds like having us as their “neighbors.” 😉


First Corn of the Season

Last summer, Monster loved corn on the cob. Yesterday we picked up our first corn on cob of the season (although there is no way it’s local) – turns out Monster still loves it.


My daddy taught me this look

My daddy taught me this look