Monster’s Newest Trick

Lately, Monster has been showing us how much he understands by executing simple commands, such as “Bring Mommy the ball” or “Give Daddy the block.” It’s really fun to watch him walk over to the object requested, pick it up, and bring it back to you.

P’s on spring break this week, so to celebrate he picked up a case of beer. Monster loves to put the beers bottles in and out of the case (don’t worry, I’m supervising him while he does it ;)). The other day after a few minutes of playing this game, Monster decided to show us what else he is capable of doing.

He took a beer bottle out of the case, stood up, then gave it to P. It was too funny!

Hmm - what else can I do with this bottle?

I've got an idea...just got to stand up

Off I go - Beer Here!

Unfortunately, we’ve been plagued with a nasty stomach bug since P brought this case of beer home. So he had to decline Monster’s generous offer, since he wasn’t able to keep anything down at that particular moment.

Just goes to show that little eyes notice a lot of things!


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