Monster has two favorite words right now. They are “up” and “out”. On the occasion he throws a temper tantrum, it’s usually due to these words. Or rather, it’s due to my failure to follow his commands, haha.

Monster loves being outside, so I shouldn’t have been surprised that “out” ended up being one of his first words.  What I wasn’t expecting was just how much Monster apparently loves being outside. Any time Monster hears either the word out or outside, he immediately goes to the front door and tries to open it. He’s still too short to open the door, so then he bangs on the door with the palm of his hands while simultaneously exclaiming “out! out!

Depending on how close it is to nap time, one of three scenarios usually plays out:

  1. We go outside.
  2. I’m able to successfully distract Monster and he temporarily forgets about going outside.
  3. Monster has a melt down because he wants to go outside and I’m not taking him outside. This is usually a very good indication that Monster is overly tired and in desperate need of a nap.

It’s gotten so bad that P and I have already resorted to spelling “out” and “outside”. I really wasn’t expecting to have to spell words out for a couple more years at least!

I’m hoping he outgrows this stage before he’s tall enough to open the door himself. 😉


2 thoughts on “O-U-T

  1. You could also begin to take up a new language at this point too. The Latin word for both “out” and “outside”, e.g., is “foras”. Not sure what you’ll have to do with “no”, maybe Chinese.

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