Coffee Thief

Monster has been asking to drink coffee for a while now (Momma needs her two cups a day to stay happy, thank you very much). Recently, I decided to let him try it, thinking he wouldn’t like the bitter taste and would stop asking. Turns out, Monster enjoys it too.

However, letting Monster drink coffee is clearly a bad idea for multiple reasons. So he very rarely is allowed a sip, even though he asks for it all the time.

The other day, I set my half-full cup of coffee on the kitchen counter and went into the other room to get something. This is what greeted me when I returned.

Mine, not yours

Mine, not yours

Drinking it all gone
Drinking it all gone

When I asked him what he had to say for himself, Monster replied “that’s some good coffee.”

It almost killed me to not laugh at that.

Looks like I’ve got to keep a closer eye on my coffee from now on!


The Better to Blackmail You With, My Dear

I have a tendency to start craft projects then leave them unfinished for what often ends up being years. There are a lot of new craft projects I want to start, but one of my new year’s resolutions is to finish the projects I’ve already started first.

While I was chasing Monster around the other day, I was also crocheting, in an effort to finish up some projects. It wasn’t long before Monster decided he wanted to help too. While he was working he kept saying ‘make a blanket with screwdriver.’ I told him it was called a crochet hook – but he obviously disagreed.



I've had enough!

I’ve had enough!


Watching History

We have a Pope!

Today, Monster and I got to watch the “unveiling” of the newly elected Pope. I told Monster he was “watching history happen” after the announcement, to which he replied “uh huh.” He had no idea what I was saying. But I was excited, which he picked up on, so Monster was excited too.

Then I made him pose for a picture to capture his watching this historic moment. You can’t really tell, but the news coverage is showing in the left hand corner of the photo. We are such Luddites that we have a TV, but not cable, direct TV, or the like; so we had to watch it on internet streaming.

This is the face Monster makes when you ask him to smile

This is the face Monster makes when you ask him to smile

When P came home from his long day of work followed by class, Monster was still awake (thanks, daylight savings!), and he asked Monster who the new pope was. Something I failed to teach him to say today. Oops. Guess what’s on tomorrow’s agenda?

I did however, teach him to say “I’m a little hobbit” today. Why yes, I am the coolest mom ever. Maybe I’ll even get it on video and post it on here…we’ll see. As you may have noticed – I’ve been slacking on my posting again. What can I say- life is busy when you have an active toddler, a husband who’s barely home, and a part-time job out of the home. I’ve got some many posts half started, just no time to finish them. *sigh* Hopefully once P is done with this semester, I’ll have more time for blogging.