22 Months

They say a picture is worth a thousand words...

They say a picture is worth a thousand words…

My little Monster-man,

This month you seemed to grow leaps and bounds developmentally. You are speaking in sentences practically all the time now. Last night you said “Monster’s (re)frigerator in garage. Mommy’s (re)frigerator in kitchen.” I was quite impressed!

You are saying multi-syllable words like a champ now – last week you nonchalantly said “chiropractor” without skipping a bit. You happened to say it while we were at the chiropractor’s office and everyone there was quite impressed. In typical Monster fashion, you are still continuing to say certain multi-syllable words as single syllable – for example, you say “unc” instead of “uncle”. We’ve tried to correct this with you, but you’re either being stubborn or you’re still mastering those specific sounds. My money is on stubborn. 😉

You got to see the first big snowstorm of the season right after Christmas and you loved it! You loved helping Daddy dig out the driveway. You refused to wear you mittens (they inhibited your ability to move too much) but we were able to coerce you into wearing a hat.

You still enjoy eating a variety of foods. Hot dogs, bananas, pasta, yogurt, and broccoli are still your favorites (in addition to any kind of dessert). We feed you alligator last week and you gleefully ate it.

We started teaching you the Sign of the Cross. Right now, you use both hands and the shoulders are giving you a little trouble, but we’re confident you’ll master it soon. We also started saying bedtime prayers with you and so far you’re really enjoying it. We’ve been sitting in the main area of the church for Mass the past few months and you’ve been behaving splendidly. You love dancing to the Alleluia and shaking everyone’s hands during the Sign of Peace (you are VERY enthusiastic about this).

Lately, you’ve really enjoyed playing with all the new toy tools you got from Christmas, as well as your MegaBlocks. You also love being read to – you like to chime in at your favorite parts (which is generally anytime the word “no” or “monkey” is said). It’s too cute!

In a departure from the norm – since the weather has turned cold, you have hated having your clothes off. You are not a fan of potty-training right now, so we are waiting for warmer weather. You still like being out though, and threw a tantrum when I made you come inside and warm up when we were shoveling the snow recently.

Speaking of tantrums – you really put a lot of theatrics into yours. When your “No! No! No! No! No!” foot-stomping song and dance don’t get you what you want, you fake cry. Seriously. You make me laugh. Unless it’s followed by what you want, you’re really not a fan of that reaction. 😉

All things considered though, you’re really a terrific little boy! Mama and Daddy love you so much little man. We’re so blessed to have you!