Excuse Me – I’m a Boy!

It seems I can’t take Monster anywhere without someone mistaking him for a girl. We went exactly two places today – and at both places someone call him a girl. Most of the time I have him dressed in blue when we go out, so it’s not like he’s dressed in gender neutral colors. I even cut his bangs so he would look less girl like, although he still has pretty long hair. I’m waiting to cut it shorter until the summer, but I suppose that could be contributing to the confusion.

I know this happens to everyone’s baby at one time or another. And I know Monster doesn’t know what they’re saying – but I feel so bad for the kiddo (when I’m not laughing at him).

Aside from dressing him in blue and cutting his hair – I’m not really sure how to go about making him look more “boyish”. For now, I’ll just attribute it to people not looking at him closely before opening their mouths (for the record though, they always have kind, complimentary things to say about him – so it’s easy to forgive the gender confusion).

Who Are You Calling a Girl?


3 thoughts on “Excuse Me – I’m a Boy!

  1. same thing happens to girls. I always had to have a bow in their hair to let people know I have a girl!!!

    People just aren’t too smart unfortunatly!!!

    Maybe a yankee hat would help!!!!

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