Frugal Finds – Vol. I

Monster and I try to visit our local library about once a month. It’s an outing we both look forward to. Our library has a “used book sale” section that I enjoy perusing. Usually I leave empty-handed, but recently I got these two books for $1.75! And they’re in “like new condition” (does happy dance).

The Classic Tales of Brer Rabbit and Stuart Little

The Classic Tales of Brer Rabbit and Stuart Little

It’ll be awhile before Monster is old enough to enjoy Stuart Little, but I’ve been building a “book collection” for my (then future) children for a while, so it’ll have other books to keep it company until Monster’s ready. I was happy to snatch it up though, because so far most of the other books in my children’s book collection are geared more towards girls (sorry, buddy). Got to work on building up the boy’s section of it now!

What is your favorite children’s book?


Monster’s Songs – Part II

Since it’s been awhile since I posted about Monster’s favorite tunes, I thought it was about time for an update. Here’s a list of some of Monster’s recent favorites:

  • In Between DaysBen Folds: Monster likes to rock out to this one. He seems to be partial to Ben Folds, probably since I listened to him often while Monster was in the womb.
  • Short Skirt/Long Jacket – Cake: Monster sang along to this song the other night. Half way through he decided to change all the “I’s” to “Monster’s” – “Monster wants a girl that stays up late. Monster wants a girl with a short skirt and a looooong (yes, he actually did draw it out just like in the song) jacket.” Sometimes, this kid really cracks me up. It makes up for the fact that he still wakes up multiple times every night.
  • Don’t Stop (Color On The Walls) – Foster the People: This is a repeat from the last list. I don’t think I’ve emphasized it enough here, but Monster loves any word that implies ‘no’, so he gets a kick out of signing the chorus for this “Don’t stop! Don’t stop! Talking to me.”
  • Far Away – Ingrid Michaelson: Another song that’s sure to get Monster dancing.
  • Classical music (of course)
  • Nursery rhymes/children’s songs: (Itsy Bitsy Spider, ABC song, You Are My Sunshine): Monster has started to memorize these rhymes and loves singing along with me. It’s too cute!
Singing (sorry for the blurriness)

Singing (sorry for the blurriness)

What is your favorite song?

Going to Work

Confession: I’m really sick of this cold winter weather. Not because I hate winter, but because I have one very active little boy who loves being outside, but despises wearing his coat. Which means we’ve been spending a lot of time indoors lately. And I’m starting to run out of fun indoor games.

Yesterday, Monster invented a new game, called “going to work.” I *think* it developed because we dropped P off at work yesterday morning. Monster wanted to stay and explore, but we couldn’t, so when we came home, Monster set to work filling his truck with tools to take to “work.” This game occupied several hours yesterday and today. Monster would fill his truck up, drive it to “work” (one side of the basement) dump them all out, put them all back in his truck, then drive his truck back “home” (the other side of the basement), dump them out, and start the process all over again.

Filling the truck up with tools

Filling the truck up with tools

At "work"

At “work”

I’m thankful we’ve got a new game to play, even if Monster’s interest in it only lasts a couple of days. Hopefully I’ll be able to think of a new, fun indoor game before he tires of this one though!

What’s your child(ren) favorite indoor game?


Prayers Please

I usually try to keep this space light-hearted and fun, but today I have a special request. Could you please pray for my family?

This past Saturday, my Aunt Catherine died. She was my dad’s sister. The oldest of five, her and my dad are only 15 months apart. My dad and his siblings are all very close, so it’s been a tough week for all of them. Her funeral Mass was Thursday, followed by news yesterday that my uncle (the youngest of the five) has cancer and is beginning an intensive chemo treatment on Tuesday.

So if you could, please pray for my aunt, her family, my uncle, his family, and my dad and his other two siblings. We could use all the prayers you’ve got. Thank you!

*Eternal rest grant unto Catherine, O Lord. My your perpetual light shine upon her.*

Elephants and Toddlers

What do elephants and toddlers have in common? Neither forgets anything, ever, apparently.

My un-forgetful Monster

My un-forgetful Monster

Case in point – remember my pumpkin fiasco just a couple of months ago? I thought that was behind us, until Monster recently pulled an orange out of the refrigerator and said to me “Mama – little pumpkin! Deer eat little pumpkin. Go outside and throw (it) over the fence.” Looking at this on the positive side – at least the prospect of the deer eating the “little pumpkin” didn’t make him cry anymore. They grow up so fast.

The demise of our Christmas tree however, hasn’t really gone in my favor. Monster really enjoyed our Christmas tree this year. He also really likes to watch the garbage men pick-up the garbage every week. Unfortunately (for me), the garbage truck makes a lot of noise as it progresses down our street, so Monster is pretty much always alerted to its arrival. Once he hears it coming he sits in front of the window and watches it until it drives out of view. Which means, he saw the garbage men take our Christmas tree (yes, I’m aware there are places you can “upcycle” trees into mulch, but given P’s current time constraints and my unwillingness/inability to handle the logistics/manpower required while also wrangling a very active toddler to do this, it just wasn’t going to happen this year). Anyway – let’s just say there was lots of crying and demands that the “guy bring Christmas tree back.” Which lead to me trying to explain trees dying and holiday seasons to a toddler – so that went well. 😉

Now, once a week when the garbage truck comes, Monster demands that the “guy bring Christmas tree back.”

Seriously – is there nothing this child will forget?

Engineer In Training

Monster got a “construction”set of Mega Blocks for Christmas and building things with his blocks has quickly become one of Monster’s favorite activities. He loves making “tall buildings” and “tall towers” with the blocks. Once he’s used all his blocks in his latest creation, he deconstructs it and makes a new building.

Working on the construction site

Working on the construction site


Just ignore the mess in the background…hehe…

Right now, I’m resisting the urge to run out and buy more Mega Blocks so he can build bigger and taller buildings. Because clearly his interest in building things means he’s destined for an engineering career, right? Mama can only hope. 😉