The Story of a Pumpkin

The only kind of deer Monster likes - fake deer! (or "light deer" as he likes to say)

The only kind of deer Monster likes – fake deer! (or “light deer” as he likes to say)

Waaay back in October, we took Monster to the pumpkin patch and he choose a green pumpkin to take home. Despite my best efforts to get his pumpkin to ripen off the vine, Monster’s pumpkin ended up rotting before Halloween.

Instead of throwing it out in the garbage, I decided to chuck it over the fence in our backyard. Despite there being very little wooded area near us, we still have a plethora of deer and I thought they might like a tasty pumpkin treat. I didn’t think Monster would mind, but boy was I wrong. Within five minutes of disposing of his pumpkin (which he didn’t witness), he somehow noticed the broken pumpkin pieces through the slits in the fence. “Mama broke pump(kin)!” was his oft-repeated lament that day. I told him his pumpkin had gotten yucky and now it was deer food, but he wasn’t buying it.

I really thought he’d quickly forget about it, but he STILL brings it up whenever he sees deer and/or pumpkins (did I mention I only remembered to take down our Halloween decorations this week?). in fact, Monster now despises deer and has attempted to bring his “outside” toys inside for fear of them being eaten by deer. “Mama deer eat truck!” he exclaims, “truck inside!” it would be endearing, if he didn’t follow that statement up with “mama broke pump(kin)” every time.

Anyway, I mentioned my pumpkin dilemma to P the other day (when Monster started trying to bring his outside toys in the house) and he told me I should tell Monster that we’d eat the deer.

P is a genius. Earlier this week when we saw a deer, I asked Monster if he wanted to eat the deer. “Uh huh!” was his jubilant response. Now when we see deer, instead of bringing up pumpkins Monster yells “Mama! Get deer! Eat deer!” Not ideal, but it is an improvement. Looks like Monster won’t become a vegetarian anytime soon!

Moral of the story: when you throw away your toddler’s pumpkin, make sure he doesn’t see you do it (and can’t see it laying broken on the ground either)!

This deer is bright, better put my sunglasses on

This deer is bright, better put my sunglasses on


8 thoughts on “The Story of a Pumpkin

    • Haha – it does! He’s actually petting it. For some reason Monster thinks it’s just as fun to pet animal statues as it is to pet real animals. Probably more fun since the fake ones can’t run away.

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