Let’s Talk About Lists

A little while back, I confessed to all of you my absolute lack of organization. Recently, P decided to help me out by purchasing a white board to help me stay on track with chores.

This Sunday night at started to freak out about all the “to-dos” that have been slipping through the cracks.

My list is on the left....P's homework is on the right...

It’s now Friday morning, and this is the progress I made so far:

  • Fold laundry
  • Update financials / Find jump drive
  • Sort / Recycle papers
  • Write blog post
  • Research washer / dryer
  • Research fireproof safes
  • Fix ‘I’ key (cannibalize broken computer)
  • Vacuum
  • Get packages ready to be mailed on Tuesday
  • Upload / Print pictures
  • Write thank you notes
  • Make other lists
  • Sign up for CSA

Hmm…well, I’ve made some progress. That’s better than none, right? I’ve also started several of other items on this list. Let’s just say papers are being sorted – although if you saw them right now you’d probably question that statement.

P laughs about the second to last item. Seriously, who puts “make other lists” on a list of things to do? It is pretty funny when I stop and think I. It’s just there are lots of long-range things I need to do that I’m constantly forgetting about (I blame my mommy brain for this…), and a white board isn’t exactly the best medium to capture these types of items on.

I’ve been thinking all week about the best way to keep track of these tasks. There are so many options – create a Word document, make a list in Excel, use OneNote, or a notes or list app on the iPad? And that’s barely scratching the surface. How to choose???

Despite all the benefits to electronic lists, I prefer something more concrete. After much thinking, I’ve decided on using so a dedicated notebook to keep track off all these other lists. Hopefully it’ll help me stay on track. 🙂

What about you? How do you keep track of your lists?


7 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Lists

    • Sticky notes, daily list of “to-do and where-to-go” items and a vintage (because I’m old….der) paper dayminder calendar. I just need to write things down in pencil. good luck, Lynn…… your methods will change over the years too. 🙂

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