A Writing Contest, Perhaps?

Dear Readers – I need your help!

So, this is not the post I planned on writing today. Right before I sat down to write I checked my e-mail, only to find this little gem:

I hope that everyone likes the shirts, if not too bad;-) The colors could have been brighter on the front of them. The colors look better in person. The first line is blue, second is purple, and so on and so forth. This is the second batch of them, the first ones were horrible! 
The t-shirts were $22 and the tanks were $18. I am going to pay for Katie’s shirt and all of the koozies. I prefer cash, more spending/drinking money for me…..woo hoo!!!!! Hopefully everything fits in my carry on so I don’t have to check a bag.
I am looking forward to seeing everyone.


A picture of the aforementioned t-shirt was also attached, but I can’t seem to be able to copy it from my e-mail. It’s for a bachelorette party.

Anyway – for the last couple years (yes, that right, I said years), I have been receiving e-mails similar to the one above – except they’re usually about school/basketball activities, selling a house, or periodic reports from a home owners association.

You see, there is another woman who lives in another state who apparently has the same name as me. And has no clue what her proper e-mail address is apparently.

I’ve always just opened the e-mails, skimmed through them, realized they weren’t intended for me and deleted them. Since most of them come from just a few select e-mail addresses P has always recommended I mark them as spam so they won’t show up in my inbox anymore.

But you and I both know I’m far too nosy to do that. 😉

And I figured they would stop sooner rather than later when this woman realized she wasn’t getting any of these important e-mails. Apparently not.

As a result, I now know far too much about this perfect stranger who I have nothing in common with, except for the fact that we share  the same name.

So, I’ve decided that I’m going to write back to every incorrect e-mail I receive for her, explain my predicament, and ask to be removed from the mailing list. I’m hoping sooner or later it will get back to her and she’ll start remembering her proper e-mail address once and for all.

The above e-mail seems like a good one to respond to, as it’s clearly from friends. I figure they’ll be more likely to let know she’s been giving out an incorrect e-mail address.

But I’m stumped with what to write. I want it to be funny, but also not make me seem like a weirdo (if that’s at all possible to not do). I ran several responses past P this evening and each one elicited P’s patented “you’re crazy” look. So I’m all out of ideas.

This, dear readers, is where you come in. Anyone interested in writing a funny response for me to send? I can make it interesting by offering a TBD prize. To keep it fair, I’ll have P pick the winning response. He doesn’t read this blog, so your identities will be hidden until after he chooses a winner.

So, anyone interested in participating?



4 thoughts on “A Writing Contest, Perhaps?

    • Haha – i forgot to reply before the big event and as a result i got e-mailed a bunch of pictures from the party. i’ve been trying to figure out which one is “me”!

  1. Why did you not ask me? I get e-mails all the time for the wrong Sara. My name is way too common. I will think of a response this weekend if you are still looking. I want a really awesome prize though! Start shopping!

    • That’s too funny. i get them for one specific person (possibly two now, not sure). i’m good on the response…this bachelor party e-mail was awhile ago. Now i just e-mail back and let them know they have the wrong address. There’s some lawyer that continues to send me paperwork asking me to complete it. i told him he had the wrong person but he still keeps sending me stuff. Those i just delete now, lol.

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