13 Months!

It’s hard to believe that just a year ago Monster was this tiny:

Smiling Monster at 1.5 Months

And now he’s a constantly-in-motion toddler:

Give me that camera

Some days I wonder why I couldn’t wait for him to be this big and mobile. What was I thinking!?!?

Seriously though, he is such a joy – we are truly blessed!

At 13 months, Monster can:

  • Use a fork and spoon correctly.
  • Stack blocks (and anything else he can get to balance…toys, canisters, stuffed animals…it’s all fair game).
  • Can now say rock (usually says ‘ca’…he’s getting better and better at ‘r’ sounds everyday), truck (although it usually sounds like “uck”), Jake, and that. Favorite words are still out & up though – usually said in that order too!
  • Peek-a-boo is one of his favorite games. He’s recently discovered he can walk behind the head of the bed. Much time is now occupied in this activity.
  • Laugh, laugh, laugh! Our serious little man is finally starting to laugh a lot – he sees humor in many things now.
  • I’ve also been cheating and using ‘sposies at night because they keep Monster drier. Monster has learned to pick up his dirty diaper and throw it away after I’m done changing his diaper. Is it wrong that I’m really proud of him for learning how to do this? Because I am.

It seems like everyday Monster is mastering a new skill, word, or game. He’s growing up way too fast!

We love you little Monster! Can’t wait to see how much you’ll grow in the next month (but seriously, slow down – you’re growing up too fast)!


4 thoughts on “13 Months!

  1. Wow! What fun! Kids are a great excuse for us adults to be kids again. Keep the laughter coming!
    Really Lynn, Ellen just linked me up to your blog and it brings a smile to my face when i get the chance to read it. So even tho your intent may have been to provide a journal memory of days with your Monster, you are adding smiles in Ohio!
    Enjoy the day!

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