Catching Up

Despite my best intentions to write MORE during the summer, that clearly did not happen. What can I say? Life happened.
We’ve had a very full summer. There were plenty of visits with friends and family. Lots of new babies were welcomed into our circle of friends and family, including Monster’s first cousin. Hooray! We took our very first family (and extended family) vacation. We said goodbye much too soon to a dear uncle (well, great uncle in Monster’s case). Many ups and downs (but that’s life, isn’t it?).
We also started some home improvement projects and made mud pies.  We spent lots of time outside playing with ‘digger’ trucks. Good thing I didn’t plant too many flowers in the flower bed this year. Guess that means we should probably look into getting a sandbox next year if I want to plant anything and actually have it grow.
Mud is fun!

Mud is fun!

I accidentally gave Monster a crew cut a couple weeks ago and now I’m hoping it’ll grow out in time for Halloween. And yes, I’m thinking about Halloween already. And Christmas too. Eek!
Now that the weather is cooler. I’m *hoping* to make more time for blogging. I’ve had all these topics for blog posts dancing around in my head – it’s about time I got some of the out!
Here’s to posting more frequently! 🙂
All smiles

All smiles


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