Words with Toddlers

One of the best things about a toddler is that they say some pretty funny things. I’m been trying to make an effort lately to write down some of the laugh-inducing things Monster has said recently so I thought I’d share some of these conversations with you too.

  • After ejecting all the CD’s from Aunt B’s car stereo: “Thank you for the CD’s, CD player.”
  • Said upon waking from his nap and finding all his toys put away: “Oh! Is Uncle J coming over?” Clearly I need to tidy up more frequently, haha.
  • Said whenever I’m distracted and don’t answer Monster’s questions: “Hey Win (that’s what it sounds like when he says Lynn)! Are you listening?”
  • Said to G-ma: “ My mommy wears underpants. My daddy does too.”
  • Said first thing in the morning: “Bob the Builder doesn’t poop.” Me: “I think he does.” Monster: “No, he doesn’t.” Me: “Why don’t you think he does?” Monster: “Because he doesn’t have an outdoor potty at his job site.”
  • From the above two quotes can you tell I’ve been unsuccessfully trying to potty-train Monster?
  • “If I eat all the candy pumpkins will they pour out my arms?” Hmm…perhaps Monster is too young to watch Doctor Who after all.
  • Me: ” What should we get daddy for his birthday?” Monster: “Cake!” Me: “Good idea. Should we get him anything else?” Monster: “More cake. We’ll need lots of cake.”
  • Said every morning at dark-thirty “Is it time to wake up now, Mommy? Can we play now?”
  • “I need an old car. And a riding mower.” Apparently Monster is 2.5 going on 30?
Mmm cake! (Sorry for the blurry picture...didn't realize there were fingerprints on the lens...)

Mmm cake! (Sorry for the blurry picture…didn’t realize there were fingerprints on the lens…)

What funny things has your kid(s) said recently?


8 thoughts on “Words with Toddlers

  1. These are hilarious, thanks for sharing! So many people have warned me about “the terrible twos” and in some ways they are right…but anytime Alisdair opens his mouth I better not be drinking anything, lest I snort it out. It is so funny to hear how their minds work. 🙂

  2. It’s good you’re writing those down. One funny thing I remember about my middle son (now 14) is that he would say he was 3 mies old. We couldn’t figure it out until one day I said, “years. You’re 3 years old.” His reply was, “no those are yours. This are mies”.

    • Haha – yes they do! My family still likes to bring up silly things I said when I was a teenager. My husband’s family actually kept a book of funny things one of his sisters said (actually, I think they still update it, poor girl, haha)!

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