Big Bird

Apparently our backyard is bird central these days and lucky for you (haha) I’m blogging about it!

Monster has a habit of playing hide and seek with the curtains on our backdoor. This morning was no exception, except that instead of hiding behind it per usual, he closed it  back up and said to me “Oh! There’s a big bird in the backyard.” Of course I thought it was just a crow, as they frequent our backyard daily, but I decided to check it out just in case it was our hawk friend. This was the sight I was greeted with when Monster pulled the curtains back for me:

Come back in November, ok?

Come back in November, ok?

Turkeys. Six of ’em, to be exact. And they were bold! Monster decided he wanted to scare them away so we went outside…and they moved to the back of our backyard. Monster then took his toy hammer and started banging it on the deck and…they stayed right where they were. After about a minute Monster stopped and said “Oh! They’re not scared of my banging. Should we chase them?” (Monster has decided to start most sentences these days with “Oh!” It’s kind of hysterical and perhaps satirical since I think I probably say it too frequently.) Since Monster is approximately the size of a turkey and at a disadvantage since he has neither beak nor talons I axed that idea and we returned inside to play. The turkeys resumed their original position right next to our patio and stayed there until there for quite a long time. Darn birds!

Here is where I should add a note about the state of our backyard, but I’m still holding out hope that we’ll get a week of no rain soon (ha!) and the landscaper will finally show up to fix it. Should that miracle of miracles occur rest assured there will be a whole blog post devoted to it’s revival. Until then…


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