Our Tiny Garden

We didn’t move into our house in time to plant a garden this year. However, the flower bed next to our front walk was empty, so instead of planting flowers (like normal people would), we decided to use that space to grow a couple of vegetable plants in instead.

We’ve got one cucumber plant, a hot pepper plant, lots of pumpkin plants, and some basil.

Pumpkins (yes, I know, I planted them too close together…)

Hot Peppers – almost ready for picking!


As you can see, we’ve got potential for a lot of pumpkins! Some woodland creature has been taken bites out of the pumpkin and cucumber, so we’re not sure if we’ll actually get to harvest any vegetables or if they’ll all get eaten before that point. We also planted watermelon, but it all got eaten (what animal prefers watermelon to pumpkin, i wonder?).

Monster seems to be enjoying watching the plants grow. If/when we actually get produce, I have a feeling that Monster may be over-zealous when it comes to picking the produce, but we shall see.

For now, he’s much more interested in playing with all the leaves that have been falling off our fruit tree.

Raking leaves


Taking a break to wave to the neighbors


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