Through the Eyes of a Toddler

One of the most interesting things about having a toddler is that you learn to look at things with a new perspective. Sometimes this is a wonderful experience as you notice all the beauty around you that you were previously too busy to look at before. Other times, it can be quite befuddling and frustrating. Lately, we’ve been experiencing the later in the Monster household.

You see, for the past few days Monster has been obsessed with razors. I usually hang mine off of the shower caddy in our bath. I can’t remember exactly how, but Monster noticed it there and requested it. I’ve been known to let Monster play with some pretty inappropriate toys, but even I have my limits – and the razor is definitely not a toy. Monster had a meltdown at my refusal to let him play with it. No big deal – he was overdue for a nap, so I promptly put him down for one. An hour or so later, Monster awoke from his nap happy and refreshed – all was well in the world again. So I was more than a little surprised when one of the first things he did was to run into the bathroom and begin demanding the razor again. And have another mini-meltdown when I refused to give it to him. After a lot of redirection, I finally got him distracted by something else, but this scene has continued to play itself out again and again the past couple days.

Finally, I let him hold the razor (don’t worry – he was being closely supervised and he wasn’t allowed to touch anywhere near the blades). And I discovered that the razor looks like a handheld vacuum to Monster. As soon as he had it in his hand, he put it down on the floor and began pushing it around like a vacuum, all the while making his vacuum sound effects. I never looked at my razor that way before, but I can definitely see how Monster made that association.

Monster and his first love

Monster LOVES vacuums (it’s kind of ridiculous) so now the meltdowns make sense. From now on though, it looks like I need to keep the razors in a medicine cabinet so they’re out of Monster’s sight. And I need to keep my eyes open for a toddler appropriate handheld vacuum toy – because I think Monster would love something like that. Looks like I better put my toddler vision and see what I can find! 🙂


Monster and a mess


4 thoughts on “Through the Eyes of a Toddler

  1. Looks like Fisher Price makes a “Learning” Vacuum Cleaner … I think the the Corn Popper Push Toy is more fun though 🙂

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