7QTS: Random Life Updates

While I’d love to knock out a couple thoughtful, in-depth posts about life right now, I just can’t seem to make it happen. So I thought I’d link up with Kelly and give you a random, abbreviated look into our life right now.

  1.  Monster
    • It is so hard to believe that he’s going to be 5 next month! He’ll start Kindergarten in the Fall. Crazy!
    • Last week he told me that he didn’t want to go to Kindergarten. When I asked him why he said “At preschool they told us you have to sit still and be quiet for a long time at Kindergarten. I don’t think I’d like to do that, so how about you just homeschool me?”
    • He has gotten much better at playing with the sisters (most of the time!). It probably helps that they can run and climb now, and that he is one of their favorite people.
    • He has also taken an interest in learning how to write now. He can write his name and lately has been asking how to spell at lot of things. I am SO excited for this stage!!
  2. Miss A
    • This little lady loves her brother. Every morning when she wakes up the first thing she wants to do is give him a hug. And if Monster and Miss J aren’t up she wants to wake them up.
    • She loves to fight with her sister though. She will often bite Miss J if she has a toy that she wants. We’re working on breaking this habit but it’s taking way longer than we’d like, unfortunately.
  3. Miss J
    • This little lady loves to babble. We think she’s going to be a taker like her brother once she starts saying more words.
    • She also loves to tuck her teddy bears into bed…blanket and all. It’s so cute!
  4. Homestead
    • We are hoping to move closer to Handyman Husband’s workplace when our lease here is up. So we’ve been making more of an effort to declutter. We’ve got several bags and boxes ready to donate, with more to come. It feels so great to be getting rid of stuff! This is something we’ve been meaning to do forever, but having a potential upcoming move is really helping to keep us motivated!
    • I’ve been trying to develop a meal plan to make life a little less stressful and maybe reduce our weekly grocery bill as well. It is taking longer than I thought it would. I’m finding that “one pot” recipes work best for with our lifestyle right now. Probably by the time I get it hammered out it’ll be summer and time for a new set of recipes! Got any favorite “one pot” recipes you’d like to share?
  5. Crafts
    • I’m currently riding a high from completing Monster’s R2D2 hat in a relatively short time frame (despite the fact that he is still only wearing it under duress)!
    • So of course I’m adding more crochet/knit projects to my “to do” list for the year. Because I’m ridiculous like that.
    • I also want to learn calligraphy/hand-lettering (not sure if there is a difference between the two)? I’m always trying to come up with a “skill set” that I could turn into a small side business. Still looking for my niche. :/
  6. Links
  7. Boxed
    • Have you heard of Boxed.com? It’s a bulk dry goods retail site. We’ve used it a couple times since our move and I LOVE it! We have a Costco membership, but our nearest Costco now is 40 minutes a way. Not the end of the world by any means, but we’ve definitely been making our trips there fewer and farther between. Boxed has similar dry goods that we get at Costco and they deliver right to your door! I’ll take that any day! Especially if it frees up space in the car for more product/refrigerated/freezer items when we make our Costco trips. Orders over $50 ship for free and you usually get it within 2-3 days of placing your order. There is no membership fee to order. If you use my code (B75CW) you’ll get $10 off your first order. (Disclaimer: I will receive some Boxed.com credit if you use my code. Boxed did not ask me to review/advertise their service – it’s just something I’ve found beneficial and wanted to pass along.)

5/52 & 6/52

Despite almost ALWAYS being at home, I managed to forget to post last weeks portraits. But I did remember to snap the pictures – so hooray for that!

(Oh – and just ignore ALL the mess in the background. Can’t wait for summer when we can spend more time outside and less time messing up the house! 😉 )




Miss A – This girl LOVES necklaces


Monster being photobombed


Miss J – Cheesin’




Miss A – She can say “cheese” now!


Miss J – This is her brother’s blanket but she ALWAYS steals it.


Monster has really gotten into sweater vests this week. Hoping this lasts because it makes my heart happy!


Mother nature provided the theme for this week – SNOW!

We have been out to play in the snow at least once a day (usually more) since Sunday. After their first initial shock, the girls decided it wasn’t so bad after all. Our biggest issue now is that everyone wants to use the same shovel – the little el cheapo kid sized shovel I bought at Target a few years ago for a dollar. Definitely should have bought more – will have to keep my eye open for them the next time we go there!


Miss A – all smiles!


Miss J – told me “no” everytime I asked her to smile for a picture.


Monster – throwing snowballs is his favorite.


This week’s theme is climbing.

image1 (8)

When I asked Monster why he was sitting on the table he told me that he’s “the best at writing 5’s in his [preschool] class.” Wonderful son, but don’t change the subject, answer the question. 😉

image2 (4)

Miss A has discovered that she can get to almost any surface in the house now as long as she can maneuver her trusty chair to it. This was her pretending she wasn’t about to climb upon the coffee table.  “Just waiting for you to turn your back on me, mom…”

image3 (1)

Miss J learned this from her brother (and now it’s time to find a new hiding place for the remote!!). No words.