8/52 & 9/52

By the time I realized I hadn’t posted photos from week 8 it was almost the end of week 9, so I figured I just post them together again. Here’s to being more organized next week, haha! 😉


The weather was so warm we actually washed our cars. The only downside was that it got cold again a couple days later and the kids were so upset they had to stay inside again.



There’s no snow on the ground this week, but still not as warm as it was the week before. If it’s not too cold, windy, or rainy we were outside though!



Posting these late again! This week the kids all had some kind of virus, so we spent WAY too much time watching TV. Mainly because if any of them ran around too much they’d throw up. I thought on Thursday everyone was finally feeling better so we ventured out for a change of scenery. Let’s just say I was wrong and that was a big mistake. Hoping to never have a repeat of that! 😉


Please note the chair in the corner J used to get to Monster. She loves her brother.


All the photos I took of Miss A this week were blurry. This was the best. When Miss A needs a break from her siblings and goes and sits in this corner.


Smiling, because of all the TV he go to watch!


Miss J likes to dress herself. The girl loves underwear & swimsuit bottoms!


5/52 & 6/52

Despite almost ALWAYS being at home, I managed to forget to post last weeks portraits. But I did remember to snap the pictures – so hooray for that!

(Oh – and just ignore ALL the mess in the background. Can’t wait for summer when we can spend more time outside and less time messing up the house! 😉 )




Miss A – This girl LOVES necklaces


Monster being photobombed


Miss J – Cheesin’




Miss A – She can say “cheese” now!


Miss J – This is her brother’s blanket but she ALWAYS steals it.


Monster has really gotten into sweater vests this week. Hoping this lasts because it makes my heart happy!


Mother nature provided the theme for this week – SNOW!

We have been out to play in the snow at least once a day (usually more) since Sunday. After their first initial shock, the girls decided it wasn’t so bad after all. Our biggest issue now is that everyone wants to use the same shovel – the little el cheapo kid sized shovel I bought at Target a few years ago for a dollar. Definitely should have bought more – will have to keep my eye open for them the next time we go there!


Miss A – all smiles!


Miss J – told me “no” everytime I asked her to smile for a picture.


Monster – throwing snowballs is his favorite.


New year, new resolutions to set and fail to meet – am I right?

Last year I tried to take a portrait a week of each of the kids…I think I made it 7 or 8 weeks before stopping entirely? I can’t remember if it was a time or a memory card

issue (probably a combination of both). But I’m not holding last year against me, so I thought I’d try again this year.

Of course I missed last week, because my memory card was full!!!

But I’m not letting that stop me – yet! This week we stopped at a local indoor play place (aka Chick-Fil-A) after Monster’s dentist appointment. They loved it!


Miss A

Miss A

I just love his expression in this one!

I just love his expression in this one!


Little Miss J

Little Miss J


All three looking at the camera - a rare sight!

All three looking at the camera – a rare sight!


A portrait a week of each of my children.

Don’t mind me just, posting late again…

Little A only likes to roll herself over if she’s practically naked.


Trying to fight the cabin fever.IMG_1687

Sleeping beauty IMG_1682-0


A portrait a week of each of my children.

Four weeks in and already I’m falling behind (big surprise, hehe).

Tea for two


Miss A – Suffering from MCS (middle child syndrome)IMG_1636

Miss J – Pretty BallerinaIMG_1633

A Photo a Week – Week 1

So I’ve seen several bloggers who post one photo a week of their kids. I really like this idea so I thought I’d give it a try this year (although I’m posting late this week – I’m already off to a great start, haha)!

Too cold to play outside – had to burn off some energy though!

(L-R: Miss J and Miss A) Just chillin’