Blizzard 2016

We got hit by the Blizzard of 2016 (not nearly as hard as Baltimore or DC though). It was the first substantial snowfall we’ve had this year, so of course we had to bundle up all the kids and take them out in it!

Monster loved it (of course), Miss A ended up loving it, and Miss J touched the snow and started to cry. She didn’t stop until she was back inside and out of all her snow clothes. Poor girl – maybe next year she’ll enjoy the snow more!




This week’s theme is climbing.

image1 (8)

When I asked Monster why he was sitting on the table he told me that he’s “the best at writing 5’s in his [preschool] class.” Wonderful son, but don’t change the subject, answer the question. πŸ˜‰

image2 (4)

Miss A has discovered that she can get to almost any surface in the house now as long as she can maneuver her trusty chair to it. This was her pretending she wasn’t about to climb upon the coffee table. Β “Just waiting for you to turn your back on me, mom…”

image3 (1)

Miss J learned this from her brother (and now it’s time to find a new hiding place for the remote!!). No words.

Yarn Along – Baby Ripple Blanket Beginnings

image1 (7)


Shortly before we found out we were having twins and not just a singleton, I had ordered yarn to make a ripple baby blanket. Unsurprisingly, I only managed to make one baby blanket before the girls arrived. Also not surprising – I bought way more yarn than I needed. Now I am finally getting around to starting that second blanket!

Since we didn’t find out the girls gender before they arrived, I made the ripple blanket gray, teal, and mint green. I wasn’t a huge fan of the teal – I ordered it online and I thought it was going to be a different shade. Can’t remember the name of the color, but it was rather vague as far as indicating color. So, because I didn’t want their blankets to be identical anyway, I am using pink instead of teal on this blanket.

I recently discovered that I can get a little bit of crocheting done on the days Monster has preschool (they do a car pick up/drop off – how lucky am I!?!?), so I am slowly making progress on it. At this rate I’ll probably finish it right when the weather gets warm again, but since it’s over a year late at this point, I guess that’s ok!

Oh, I should add that though it’s not pictured, I am currently reading Frugavore: How to Grow Organic, Buy Local, Waste Nothing, and Eat Well by Arabella Forge. Haven’t gotten very far yet, but it’s quite interesting. Handyman Husband will tell you that I’m a sucker for any sort of alternative living memoir though, so I might be biased. πŸ˜‰

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New year, new resolutions to set and fail to meet – am I right?

Last year I tried to take a portrait a week of each of the kids…I think I made it 7 or 8 weeks before stopping entirely? I can’t remember if it was a time or a memory card

issue (probably a combination of both). But I’m not holding last year against me, so I thought I’d try again this year.

Of course I missed last week, because my memory card was full!!!

But I’m not letting that stop me – yet! This week we stopped at a local indoor play place (aka Chick-Fil-A) after Monster’s dentist appointment. They loved it!


Miss A

Miss A

I just love his expression in this one!

I just love his expression in this one!


Little Miss J

Little Miss J


All three looking at the camera - a rare sight!

All three looking at the camera – a rare sight!

Digging Out

Things have been topsy-turvy here since my last post back at the beginning of September. Shortly after that post, Handyman Husband was offered a job as an engineer! Which was exciting! But unfortunately accepting the new job meant moving to a new city. With three small children. Right after Monster had started preschool and soccer. Not really ideal, right? However, it’d been more than a year since Handyman Husband had completed his Civil Engineering degree, so in the interest of his career, it made sense to accept the offer.

Which meant that in three weeks we had to find somewhere new to live, box up and move all our stuff, and put our house on the market. With lots of help from family, we were able to make it all happen. We found a new preschool for Monster, although we’ll just have to wait until spring to pick-up soccer again.

A little over a month in and I’m finally starting to feel a bit settled into our new place. We are renting for this year, while we get to learn the area (and sell or rent our house!). Which was a really good decision because we ended up renting in a new housing development that is rather rural. Living rural was a dream of mine about 10 years ago, but it appears my tastes have changed rather significantly in the last decade!

So far, Handyman Husband has been enjoying his new job. The kids are starting to adjust. The last month of naps has been hard with girls…they have really been fighting their afternoon naps since our move. Let’s just say I’m ready to throw in the towel and call it a day by about 6 pm every evening. Monster seems to be settling into the new preschool.



Digger truck!

Digger truck!

Yarn Along – Hat!

It’s been forever since I last blogged…shortly after my last post we had some major life changes and I’m still digging out from them! But I think about blogging often, so clearly I need to spend some time figuring out how to make this happen more often!

I’m not a Star Wars fan (seriously…I haven’t seen all the movies, lol), but Handyman Husband is. So of course he’s doing his best to make sure his children are too. πŸ™‚ Monster is in need of a new winter hat, so I’m trying my hand at making him an R2-D2 hat. This is my third attempt! I ended up not liking the first pattern I tried so I ripped it out. Now I’m on pattern two, but I think I’m using the wrong weight yarn…I was half-finished with it but it wasn’t looking quite right, so I ripped it out again. I’m still following the second pattern, but I’ve made some modifications to it. So far I’m liking it! Hopefully I’ll be back here next week to update you on my progress. πŸ˜‰

image1 (2)

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Yarn Alonging

This year, I decided to start a tradition of knitting a pair of socks for Monster every year. Here we are in September and I still haven’t finished them!! But I’m making progress – the first sock is done and I just finished the heel on the second sock. My goal is to have the socks finished before Monster starts his first day of preschool next week. Then I should probably start working on next year’s socks… ☺️

I’m currently reading The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up and trying to KonMari all the things. Progress report forth coming in about two weeks (hopefully!!).

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Tuesdays Thoughts: Good Eats & Miscellany

Random updates on what we’ve been up to (and eating)! Hoping that next week will be the week I finally get back into the grove of blogging. So many half written drafts currently saved just begging to be finished and shared with the interwebs. πŸ˜‰

  • I’ve been eating these for breakfast everyday the past couple weeks and they are delicious and filing. I can usually make it to lunch time without any snacks, which is saying something! I must admit that I am lazy though and have just been throwing whatever fruit we have lying around in it – but I’m sure the tropical version is wonderful!
  • I made this herbed summer squash pasta bake earlier this week and it was fantastic! Surprisingly, our CSA has been very reasonable with the amount of squash we’ve received so far, which was almost starting to disappoint me. But then Handyman Husband brought home two large zucchinis from a co-worker and I see post-bedtime this weekend being spent making lots and lots of zucchini bread. Good thing we have a chest freezer!
  • And lastly in the good eats department (but certainly not least!) – I’m planning to make this delicious cheesecake for my dad’s birthday this coming week.
  • Ever since we found out we were going to have twins, Handyman husband and I have been having the should we/shouldn’t we buy a minivan discussion. This discussion has become more earnest as of late and I had the good luck/misfortune (depending on which side of the minivan debate you fall on) of stumbling upon this article a couple days ago. Ever since I read “Loathsome and infectiously uncool these vehicles are like caskets on wheels, a perpetual reminder that your youth and its associated fun are dead and buried.” I haven’t been able to stop referring to them as a ‘casket on wheels.’ I don’t think we can ever get a minivan now, haha.
  • We’ve been keeping the bathroom doors closed to keep the girls out because they are still in the “put everything in my mouth” phase and they’ve noticed the screw covers on the base of the toilets and so…closed doors it is. Anyway, apparently the door to one of the bathrooms wasn’t closed completely and they got into the bathroom – this is what they were doing when I went looking for them:  
  • We just registered Monster for soccer this fall. Currently, he is really excited about it. I am keeping my fingers crossed that it goes better than swim classes did last fall. And I am kicking myself for signing him up for another commitment. Preschool + soccer = 4 days of activities for him a week. I’m already tired just thinking about getting the kids in and out of the car 8 more times a week than I currently do. πŸ™‚

Wibbly Wobbly Steps

Probably because I have a post saved in drafts that I just started yesterday about how I can’t handle crawling babies (let alone two), Miss J just had to go and take her first wibbly wobbly steps today! Eek!

It took her brother a good month after taking his first steps before he was confident enough to really start going. So J will probably start chasing after Monster in about 2 weeks. If she loves her mother it’ll be much longer than that though!


Climbing baby up to no good!


SQTs: Back from Hiatus

What better way to end a blogging hiatus (can you call it that if you have never successfully blogged regularly?) than with a Quick Takes? I’m sure you’ve been dying to know what we’ve been up to the past few months… πŸ˜‰

  1. These little ladies are both now mobile and climbing everything in sight! Miss A successfully climbed up the slide all by herself earlier this week, while Miss J climbed the swing-set ladder all by herself. I just…I don’t have enough hands for this (and also – now I’m officially THAT mom who lets her kids climb up the slide, sigh…)IMG_2449  IMG_2454
  2. The little ladies turned nine months old this week – they’re growing up so fast! Multiple people have already asked me if I’ve started planning their one year birthday party yet, so I guess I should start that soon? When the topic of a theme comes up I always want to respond with “I was thinking cake…and balloons???” We are not big party people though – we always just invite immediate family and a few close friends, so there’s no pressure to throw a perfect bash because we know they’ll still love us anyway. Right!?!?
  3. The Big Man (aka the original little Monster) has started finally playing with his sisters. Now I can count on him occupying them for about 5 minutes at a time before he starts complaining about them. Ahh, siblings. So precious.. .image1 (1)image2 (1)
  4. Speaking of Big Man – his is now officially signed up for 4 year old preschool for this fall. We toured two and let him pick his favorite. Of course he wanted to go to both, so what do you think was the determining factor for the winning preschool? The child-sized bathroom. Which he tells everyone about when they ask him about preschool. This kid cracks me up.IMG_2430
  5. We finally took the plunge and signed up for a CSA again. We choose to try a different one that offers more variety and so far we are loving it! We also learned our lesson from last time and signed up for a small share, which is way better too. There is a limit to the quantity of lettuce and beets one can actually enjoy before it starts feeling like work.
  6. Speaking of CSA’s – let’s talk about the weather, shall we? (Oh gosh – she hasn’t blogged in months and she can’t think of seven things to write about without mentioning the weather?!?!) When we did our first CSA two summers ago we had tons of rain. And it was a constant topic in our weekly CSA e-mails – to the point where we got the impression it was an unseasonably wet summer. Fast forward two years to a different CSA and guess what the main topic in our weekly CSA e-mails is? The rain. Apparently this year is also unseasonably wet. But here’s the thing – last summer we had our back yard landscaped to fix drainage problems and it took forever because – rain. So I just want to let all you farmer’s and landscapers know I’m on to your excuses…three “unseasonably” wet summer’s in a row is starting to sound suspicious. πŸ˜‰
  7. And on that note, my brain is too tired to thing of anything else to write about right now. I’m hoping that this is my triumphant return to more regular blogging. Fingers crossed. I know you’ve missed me (haha).

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