This week’s theme is climbing.

image1 (8)

When I asked Monster why he was sitting on the table he told me that he’s “the best at writing 5’s in his [preschool] class.” Wonderful son, but don’t change the subject, answer the question. 😉

image2 (4)

Miss A has discovered that she can get to almost any surface in the house now as long as she can maneuver her trusty chair to it. This was her pretending she wasn’t about to climb upon the coffee table.  “Just waiting for you to turn your back on me, mom…”

image3 (1)

Miss J learned this from her brother (and now it’s time to find a new hiding place for the remote!!). No words.


4 thoughts on “3/52

  1. Yeah, the girls have a thing for trying to get behind the TV to play with the wires, too, in case you were wondering why Shaun the Sheep doesn’t work one day…

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