Digging Out

Things have been topsy-turvy here since my last post back at the beginning of September. Shortly after that post, Handyman Husband was offered a job as an engineer! Which was exciting! But unfortunately accepting the new job meant moving to a new city. With three small children. Right after Monster had started preschool and soccer. Not really ideal, right? However, it’d been more than a year since Handyman Husband had completed his Civil Engineering degree, so in the interest of his career, it made sense to accept the offer.

Which meant that in three weeks we had to find somewhere new to live, box up and move all our stuff, and put our house on the market. With lots of help from family, we were able to make it all happen. We found a new preschool for Monster, although we’ll just have to wait until spring to pick-up soccer again.

A little over a month in and I’m finally starting to feel a bit settled into our new place. We are renting for this year, while we get to learn the area (and sell or rent our house!). Which was a really good decision because we ended up renting in a new housing development that is rather rural. Living rural was a dream of mine about 10 years ago, but it appears my tastes have changed rather significantly in the last decade!

So far, Handyman Husband has been enjoying his new job. The kids are starting to adjust. The last month of naps has been hard with girls…they have really been fighting their afternoon naps since our move. Let’s just say I’m ready to throw in the towel and call it a day by about 6 pm every evening. Monster seems to be settling into the new preschool.



Digger truck!

Digger truck!


3 thoughts on “Digging Out

  1. Wow, it has been a whirlwind month-plus! I think renting is smart in a new city. And I think a lot of things (you think are ideal) change when you have kids. We always wanted to redo an old house and found we didn’t have the time (when we bought the fixer upper one month before our first child was born). But I am happy that you are getting settled in time for the holidays! Congrats to your husband on the new job!

    • Thanks, Inger! Merry Christmas to you too! Yes, they are finally old enough where they are getting the concept of unwrapping gifts (much to their brother’s disappointment)! 🙂

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