Yarn Along – Hat!

It’s been forever since I last blogged…shortly after my last post we had some major life changes and I’m still digging out from them! But I think about blogging often, so clearly I need to spend some time figuring out how to make this happen more often!

I’m not a Star Wars fan (seriously…I haven’t seen all the movies, lol), but Handyman Husband is. So of course he’s doing his best to make sure his children are too. 🙂 Monster is in need of a new winter hat, so I’m trying my hand at making him an R2-D2 hat. This is my third attempt! I ended up not liking the first pattern I tried so I ripped it out. Now I’m on pattern two, but I think I’m using the wrong weight yarn…I was half-finished with it but it wasn’t looking quite right, so I ripped it out again. I’m still following the second pattern, but I’ve made some modifications to it. So far I’m liking it! Hopefully I’ll be back here next week to update you on my progress. 😉

image1 (2)

As always, linking up with Ginny at Small Things.


3 thoughts on “Yarn Along – Hat!

  1. How fun! Okay, not always, but you’ll love it when you finally succeed. Winter always makes me wish I were craftier–I want to knit socks, applique pillows,… I knitted a plain brown hat a couple years ago and one of my teenagers (!!) actually wore it (and the other felt slighted ;-)) Can’t wait to see how your project goes.

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