SQTs: Back from Hiatus

What better way to end a blogging hiatus (can you call it that if you have never successfully blogged regularly?) than with a Quick Takes? I’m sure you’ve been dying to know what we’ve been up to the past few months… 😉

  1. These little ladies are both now mobile and climbing everything in sight! Miss A successfully climbed up the slide all by herself earlier this week, while Miss J climbed the swing-set ladder all by herself. I just…I don’t have enough hands for this (and also – now I’m officially THAT mom who lets her kids climb up the slide, sigh…)IMG_2449  IMG_2454
  2. The little ladies turned nine months old this week – they’re growing up so fast! Multiple people have already asked me if I’ve started planning their one year birthday party yet, so I guess I should start that soon? When the topic of a theme comes up I always want to respond with “I was thinking cake…and balloons???” We are not big party people though – we always just invite immediate family and a few close friends, so there’s no pressure to throw a perfect bash because we know they’ll still love us anyway. Right!?!?
  3. The Big Man (aka the original little Monster) has started finally playing with his sisters. Now I can count on him occupying them for about 5 minutes at a time before he starts complaining about them. Ahh, siblings. So precious.. .image1 (1)image2 (1)
  4. Speaking of Big Man – his is now officially signed up for 4 year old preschool for this fall. We toured two and let him pick his favorite. Of course he wanted to go to both, so what do you think was the determining factor for the winning preschool? The child-sized bathroom. Which he tells everyone about when they ask him about preschool. This kid cracks me up.IMG_2430
  5. We finally took the plunge and signed up for a CSA again. We choose to try a different one that offers more variety and so far we are loving it! We also learned our lesson from last time and signed up for a small share, which is way better too. There is a limit to the quantity of lettuce and beets one can actually enjoy before it starts feeling like work.
  6. Speaking of CSA’s – let’s talk about the weather, shall we? (Oh gosh – she hasn’t blogged in months and she can’t think of seven things to write about without mentioning the weather?!?!) When we did our first CSA two summers ago we had tons of rain. And it was a constant topic in our weekly CSA e-mails – to the point where we got the impression it was an unseasonably wet summer. Fast forward two years to a different CSA and guess what the main topic in our weekly CSA e-mails is? The rain. Apparently this year is also unseasonably wet. But here’s the thing – last summer we had our back yard landscaped to fix drainage problems and it took forever because – rain. So I just want to let all you farmer’s and landscapers know I’m on to your excuses…three “unseasonably” wet summer’s in a row is starting to sound suspicious. 😉
  7. And on that note, my brain is too tired to thing of anything else to write about right now. I’m hoping that this is my triumphant return to more regular blogging. Fingers crossed. I know you’ve missed me (haha).

Linking up with Bonnie at A Knotted Life for Seven Quick Takes.


5 thoughts on “SQTs: Back from Hiatus

  1. So glad you found a few minutes to let me know how our favorite great-grandchildren are doing. Missed hearing from you and am amazed at how the girls are growing. Thought of them on the 6th when they turned 9 months wow!! They look adorable and our big man is going to school. double wow!!
    Please keep in touch Lynn. Love you all

  2. How fun to see your girls now so active, just like Monster (aka the Big Man, Monster, Sr?)! They have changed so much since the last photos! And don’t stress about the birthday party–the first is the only one they can’t be little critics for!
    Glad to hear you are trying a CSA again. A different CSA or even different weather ( 😉 ) can really make a difference. I always tell people not to worry if they don’t always eat everything–I still compost my fennel (and I’m not even trying to learn to like it–shh)!

    • Haha – so true! My Mother’s Day gift this year was a composter and the husband’s comment when trying to decide if we should do a CSA again was ‘worst case we’ll have some great compost!’

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