A portrait a week of each of my children.

I’m sure at the end of the year I’ll look back at these posts and exclaim at how much the girls grew every week – but right it feels like the weekly photos of them are the same every week “here’s the girls, laying on the floor again…” Right now the challenge is to change up their outfits every week. They have more than enough clothes, but I often find myself rotating them through the same three or four outfits over and over again. So at least there’s that?

Every morning Miss A wakes up with milk all over her face. It cracks me up every morning.IMG_1639-0

Enjoying a leftover special treat from a fun play date IMG_1642-0

The littlest sister by age (I think Miss J is slightly bigger than Miss A though!)IMG_1637-0

Miss A’s face! I guess she didn’t want her picture taken right then! IMG_1647


One thought on “5/52

  1. I don’t care if they always look the same to you Lynn to me it is such a treat!! I love seeing Lukes comical face and the girls look like they are growing so fast> thanks for sending them!!!

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