2014 Reading Summary

About this time last year I wrote out a reading list for myself for 2014, partly to help me remember what I wanted to read and partly to hold me accountable so I would hopefully read something.

Of the books on my list, I read The Help, The Fault in Our Stars, and Hide and Seek. I started but never finished Orthodoxy, Learning All The Time, and Cutting for Stone.

While not in my reading list, I also read the following books in 2014: The Dirty Life by Kirstin Kimball , Wild by Cheryl Strayed, the first four books in The Hollows Series by Kim Harrison, the Kelly Flynn series by Maggie Stefton (with the exception of the twelfth book), Dad is Fat by Jim Gaffigan, and some other books I’m just not remembering right now. I really need to start using my Goodreads account!

I really enjoyed The Help, Hide and Seek, and The Dirty Life and would recommend them to anyone. I’d like to finish reading Learning All the Time and Cutting for Stone this year…hopefully I get to it!

What was your favorite read of 2014?


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