One Model?

Initially after the girls were born there was speculation as to whether they were fraternal or identical (during the ultrasounds they were about 98% certain they were fraternal). The OBs that delivered them were actually uncertain as to which they were (the placenta was sent out for testing and we later got confirmation they are indeed fraternal).

Suffice it to say, in those first couple weeks we had trouble telling the girls apart. I recently pulled up some baby pictures of Monster and it looks like we just make babies that look a lot alike (put another way – we only make one model, haha)!

What do you think (if you can ignore the fact that Monster had way more hair than the girls)? Monster has my eye shape and the girls have Handyman Husband’s eye shape – but aside from that I think they look pretty similar!

Throwback to 2011 - baby  Monster!

Throwback to 2011 – baby Monster!

Miss A

Miss A

Miss J

Miss J


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