Big Brother Says – Vol 2

And we’re back with another addition of ‘Big Brother Says.’

(Monster still has Halloween candy left.)

Monster: Can I have a piece of candy from my Halloween bucket?
Me: Yes,
After he’s eaten the piece: Oh no, I picked the wrong piece. Can I eat the right piece now?

Said while the coffee was still brewing on the one day I decided to get up before the twins (so of course Monster decided to get up early too).
Monster: Mom, when are you going to make the girls a sibling?
Mole-eyed Me: What?!? Who told you to ask me that?
Monster: Aunt H. We just need a postcard, a post-it note, and some scissors.
Mole-eyed Me: Do you know that a sibling is just another way to say brother or sister?
Monster: No! We don’t need anymore of those!

Sung to the tune of ‘Pop Goes the Weasel’ every time one of the girls poops (they make a rather loud production out of it).
Monster: Poop goes the baby!

Monster to me: Why is your belly so wrinkly?
(On the bright side at least he’s not asking if there is still a baby in my belly – so I guess there’s been some improvement in it’s appearance?)

While discussing going to see Santa later at our townships “light up” night.
Monster: So what present is he going to give me today?



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