Life With Three


Where do I even start in trying to describe life right now? Perhaps with a short story? Once upon a time my parents had neighbors with four children whose birth order was girl, twin boys, and another boy. Their youngest boy was about 6 months or a year older than Monster. Monster and this boy had very similar personalities or characteristics, if you will, as babies. They used to joke that if they’d had their youngest first they wouldn’t have had anymore. And remember – they had twins before him! Unfortunately these neighbors moved away when Monster was about six months old – they moved to another state for work and my parents didn’t stay I touch with them. I find myself thinking of them frequently these days though because I think we’d relate well.

Anyway – what was the point of that story? It’s that Monster was really good prep for having twins. Which sounds crazy and I don’t expect many people (except for the couple In the story above) to believe me when I say that – but it’s the truth, none the less.

The hardest part of each day is trying to keep Monster occupied without letting him rot
his brain on TV all day. He’s a very active boy and the weather has been horrible lately which means we’ve been spending lots of time indoors. Which is driving us both crazy – I find myself yearning for spring already. Not a good sign since December has only just begun!

The majority of my days are spent nursing one or both of the girls. It feels like I am almost always nursing. I think my buttock is going to wear a permanent indent into the couch! I remember now how I managed to watch so many shows when Monster was a baby. This time around I’m watching considerably less television, but it’s still a lot. Thank goodness for Amazon Prime!

And if I’m not nursing it’s likely that I’m changing diapers. Boy do these ladies go through them! At this point with Monster I was starting the transition to cloth diapers but I’m not ready to take that particular task on yet this time around. Hopefully after the holidays i’ll find the courage to try. I feel guilty about the huge mother load of increased garbage we are currently adding to our ecosystem right now by using disposables. At the same time I also feel a huge sense of relief at NOT needing to wash diapers everyday.


The most common question I get from everyone is about sleep. These little ladies sleep pretty well – they each wake up a couple times a night to nurse but they typically fall back to sleep. Once or twice a week one of them (sometimes both) will wake up and stay awake for an hour or two. But until very recently that’s about how well Monster slept – so there hasn’t been too much change in the sleep department.

Like their brother these girls prefer to be held while they sleep. If I’m lucky I’m able to put them both down for an hour or so each day. The past week though they’ve been having none of it, which has been rough. On the bright side my arms are getting quite tone. đŸ™‚

That about sums up life right now. Any bets on how long until Monster and I take up mall walking with the girls to survive the winter?


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