Big Brother Says

Monster and Miss A

Monster and Miss A

Since this blog has been a little light on the Monster man lately, it’s time to correct that and what better way to do that than by sharing some astute observations from the boy this blog is named for…

When visiting us for the first time in the hospital after the girls were born:
Monster: looks at my stomachMommy, is there still a baby growing in your belly?
Me: no, it’s just going to take some time to get smaller.
Upon arriving home from the hospital:
Monster: Is that as small as your belly is going to get?

While holding his sister for the first time.
Monster: Why are her feet so small?

While playing firefighter
Monster: I used to be a junior firefighter but now I’m the chief. The girls can be my junior firefighters now. (He then proceeds to place his firefighter hat on one of the girls, causing her to cry.) Don’t cry baby – you’re a junior firefighter now.

when asked why he put a pine cone and one very crumpled dry leaf in Aunt H’s bed
Monster: Well I had to put it somewhere.

Yelled out the front door at 9:30am on a Saturday
Monster: I’m thirsty for a beer!



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