After a couple of months hiatus from playing with blocks (which made Santa decide not to get him any more blocks for Christmas…mistake!) Monster has once again decided that building with blocks is fun. In between Christmas and New Year’s we took him to the Cathedral of Learning with P’s family. He LOVED it and has been drawing and building the “cathedrill” ever since.

Not content to just draw and build it, he also wants to know more about it – such as how it was built, who built it, what kind of stone it’s made out of, etc. Since I happened to go to school there for engineering, I knew a bit about how it was built (I should have known who built it, but I forgot and had to look it up…bad alumna…). I was glad to see that my memory served me right and Wikipedia sort of agreed that the Cathedral was built from the top down (this statement is challenged/contradicted on the Wikipedia page) so now of course I’m curious and will have to see if I can track down a more official source on it’s history.  I recognize that he’s only 2 and will likely forget everything I tell him about it, but now I’m interested now too and if nothing else I think he’ll really enjoy seeing pictures of it in construction.

Lest you think Monster’s developing a love affair with Gothic architecture (which I suppose could be true), I feel obligated to inform you that his favorite part of the cathedral is the spinning doors, followed by “all the steps.”



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