Yarn Along – Vol. II


If you compare this week’s and last week’s photos it doesn’t look like I’ve gotten very far with the sock, but I actually ripped it out twice and redid it. Once shortly after taking last week’s photo, when it suddenly struck me that I was making the wrong sized sock. I ripped it out again when I was about to start the heel and realized I missed the instruction to decrease the number of stitches when I went from ribbed to stockinette. I know I could have only ripped out up to the ribbing, but I was annoyed and just took it all apart…

Still chugging away at Orthodoxy. It’s good, but I find I can only read a chapter or two at a time before I need a break so I’ve also added A Deadly Yarn into the mix.

Now head on over to Small Things and see what Ginny and the others are making this week!


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