Happenings Around Here

This past Friday was St. Francis’s feast day. We ‘celebrated’ his day by making a squirrel feeder (aka a stale bagel with peanut butter and birdseed). Monster enjoyed it and the next morning we got to watch a squirrel enjoy it. Thanks to Curious George Monster really likes squirrels so he was thrilled to watch one gobble up the food. Said squirrel has been back to the tree every day since looking for more food. When he realizes there is *still* no more food out for him he just sits there and eats the tiny little crab apples from the tree and occasionally tries to get birdseed out of the faux birdfeeder we inherited when we bought the house (I think it’s a thistle feeder, maybe? It’s weird whatever it is.). In retrospect maybe this wasn’t such a good idea, eh?

Chowing down

Chowing down


P had a birthday this weekend. He also had to work the morning of his birthday. Monster and I used that time to decorate the house for it. Unfortunately, when he was done with his morning work he then got a call out, which meant instead of getting home around noon he didn’t make it home until 2 pm. Not a problem except Monster was too excited to see Daddy and yell “surprise!” that his usual noontime nap didn’t happen and he crashed about 10 minutes before P got home. Despite not getting to “surprise” Daddy, Monster still found ways to enjoy the rest of Daddy’s birthday. He insisted on putting all the candles on P’s cake by himself. Then he helped P blow-out the candles and open his gifts. P had a good day too. 😉

Good thing he had some help ;)

Good thing he had some help 😉


In other exciting news – Netflix has recently added the sixth season of Curious George. I’m excited by this because it’s ten episodes we haven’t seen yet, which is a welcome break since I think we’ve seen every other episode about a billion times. Monster pretty much has them memorized but it’s still his favorite show to watch. And I think I’ve found all the artifacts and episode ordering inaccuracies in Seasons 1 – 5, so I’m looking forward to this new challenge. 😉 AND if you happen to be in need of someone to review your children’s show for artifacts/inaccuracies prior to release, may I just say I’d be happy to help for the right price? 🙂


While we’re talking about Netflix, I might as well just mention that P and I burned through Orange is the New Black and now we’re working our way through Haven (and this is just one reason my house is never as clean or organized as it should be). Coincidentally, both shows are based on books. I’m sure there are multiple incidences of this happening, but I can’t think of any other examples. Now I want to read said books, but at the same time I don’t want to read them and ruin any plots that haven’t been revealed in the show yet. Decisions, decisions….


Regardless of which Republicrat party you identify most with over the recent Federal Government shutdown, I think everyone can appreciate this story from Wisconsin. Have I mentioned that I love this state? Because I do.


Lastly, because I have Christmas on the brain, does anyone have any good toy recommendations for little boys who will be a few months shy of 3 years old at Christmas time?


5 thoughts on “Happenings Around Here

  1. We got rid of our Netflix subscription, but I’m kind of regretting it. I’d rather get rid of cable, but after looking to buying Roku and the various sports subscriptions I learned that we wouldn’t save much at all, and we’d be subject to blackouts. Le sigh. But we watch Curious George. I’ve noticed a few things that seem off about their explanations for things – is that what you mean as far as inaccuracies? I would be curious – haha!

    I was thinking I might buy some Halloween costumes on clearance for Christmas – Alisdair loves dressing up, and maybe a few other pretend toys. Oh, and more duplos. Can never have too many duplos…

    • I go back and forth on canceling our Netflix subscription every month…we don’t have cable so that’s how I keep justifying it to myself. Luckily/Unluckily neither of us is a big sports fan. My husband likes soccer, so no cable only ends up being a problem once every four years when he wants to watch the World Cup, haha. 🙂

      Some of their explanations probably are off, I should probably pay more attention to that. The “inaccuracy” (that’s probably not the right word for it but that’s what I’m calling it that bothers me the most is the episode where George rides the subway for the “first time”, but the episode right before that one George rides the subway all by himself to his friend Marco’s house (I think there are other prior episodes in which he rides the subway, but it annoys me they put those two in that order).

      Yes, I was thinking of getting Lucas some more Megablocks because he loves those. The Halloween costumes are a great idea! So far Lucas hasn’t shown much interest in that, but maybe by Christmas he would. Pretend food would be a good idea too since he does love to “help” cook!

      P.S. I’ve really been enjoying your posts lately! I can’t figure out how to comment on them anymore or I would but they’ve been great!

  2. This mis-timed nap story was so precious! Netflix has been good to us, from marathons of old TV shows, to movies for impromptu teen gatherings. I’d rather have it than cable–and it’s a better value too.

    • Yes, I agree about Netflix. We actually just have Netflix (no cable here) and so far it’s worked out really well (it helps we’re not huge sports fans, lol)!

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