7 Quick Takes: Vol. I

— 1 —

I have been meaning to try my hand at this, since I see so many other bloggers who participate and it looks like fun. And since I’m woefully behind on blogging, it also seems like a great way to get a little bit “caught up” in chronicling the happenings at the Monster household.

— 2 —

This happened this week:


First "big boy" haircut

First “big boy” haircut

I had P take him somewhere, as he is not very good at sitting still for me when I cut his hair. And he NEEDED a shorter haircut now that summer is here, otherwise he would have overheated.

— 3 —

Monster has been really into building with blocks this week. Before, he loved building stuff just so he could knock it over, but now he is really getting into making different buildings. He makes up stories about his buildings – it’s too cute. The other night, P was helping him build with his wood blocks and he showed him how to “reinforce his structure” so it was less likely to fall. Now every time Monster builds with his wood blocks he makes sure to “reinforce the sructure (Monster is still working on mastering the pronunciation of that word). It’s too cute.

And in case you’re wondering what a ‘reinforced’ wood block structure looks like – here you go:


yep…future engineer in the making

— 4 —

P is taking a project design class this semester. When he came home from class the other night, he was laughing at another team’s presentation because apparently they went on and on about a material called Delrin and how wonderful it was. P couldn’t believe that anyone hadn’t already heard of it. (Don’t beat yourself up if you haven’t heard of it – in the industries P and I work/have worked in, it’s a commonly used material). Anyways – if it isn’t painfully obviously already, Monster has little chance of not becoming a geek. Sorry, buddy!

— 5 —

P and I celebrated our third anniversary this week. We agreed our “gift” would be a new dishwasher, since ours has recently broken. Apparently, P decided I also needed flowers and brought these home:


I’m not keeping them outside…the lighting inside was just horrible

Such a sweetheart. I am so blessed! We’ll see how long they last, I keep catching Monster petting them and trying to move them to his own personal table. That kid…

— 6 —

P took a vacation day on Friday to help get stuff done around the house (like purchasing and installing a new dishwasher, as well as yard work). Monster took on the role of supervising the yard work.

I don't even know what to say about this face...

I don’t even know what to say about this face…

He took his job very seriously. 😉

— 7 —

We also took a trip to our local library on Friday. Turns out, Monster was old enough to join their summer reading program so we signed him up. Which means he gets a new “prize” every week this summer when he visits the library, as well as raffle tickets to use in their Chinese raffle. Even if he doesn’t win anything, I think he’ll enjoy participating. This week he got a sand shovel and he keeps asking when we can go back to the library so we can get some more books. Too cute!

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6 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes: Vol. I

  1. OK first, you made him look like Calvin (or Scottie Bingham-same difference) & secondly, I forbid you to give him a trowel to go with those blocks!

    • First – haha, I didn’t notice that until you pointed it out. Guess we better get Nima stuffed tiger to start carrying around with him to complete the look. Second – he already has a trowel…oops?

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