Coffee Thief

Monster has been asking to drink coffee for a while now (Momma needs her two cups a day to stay happy, thank you very much). Recently, I decided to let him try it, thinking he wouldn’t like the bitter taste and would stop asking. Turns out, Monster enjoys it too.

However, letting Monster drink coffee is clearly a bad idea for multiple reasons. So he very rarely is allowed a sip, even though he asks for it all the time.

The other day, I set my half-full cup of coffee on the kitchen counter and went into the other room to get something. This is what greeted me when I returned.

Mine, not yours

Mine, not yours

Drinking it all gone
Drinking it all gone

When I asked him what he had to say for himself, Monster replied “that’s some good coffee.”

It almost killed me to not laugh at that.

Looks like I’ve got to keep a closer eye on my coffee from now on!


6 thoughts on “Coffee Thief

    • Oh no – I was hoping he’d grow out of it! Surprisingly he likes it without milk…I do put a little sugar in mine though, so that might be why he enjoys it.

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