Snow Outing

Boy am I behind on posting! The day after writing this post about our first snowfall of the season, we woke up to another light sprinkling of snow on the ground. P was working and since I knew the snow wouldn’t be sticking around very long, I bundled Monster up and took him out to play in the snow.

On first arriving outside Monster reached down and grabbed a handful of snow. After realizing all it did was make his hand wet, he lost interest in it and went about playing outside like he usually would. Hopefully he’ll enjoy it more once we get a bigger snowfall (no rush there though – I’m perfectly content NOT having to shovel snow!).

Not your typical snow tools...

Not your typical snow tools…

Apparently we are cutting down a tree today... :)

Apparently we are cutting down a tree today… 🙂


One thought on “Snow Outing

  1. We still haven’t gotten even 1/10 inch of snow–which they tell me is what is “measurable”. I am looking forward to introducing our indoor kitten to snow (in the hope that he hates it and stops trying to sneak outdoors…)

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