Our Advent – Learning to Wait Joyfully

I’ve given a lot of thought to how I’d like our little family to celebrate Advent this year. Last year we woefully neglected it – we were still adjusting to life with an especially demanding little one and Advent, unfortunately, took a backseat.

After lots of researching, thought, and discussion – we’ve got a plan for how we’d like to observe Advent this year.

There are lots of great ideas that we’d like to make part of our Advent traditions, but some of them will have to wait until Monster (and any future children are a little older). With that being said, this is how we’re planning on celebrating Advent this year.

  • This year we’ll be lighting an Advent wreath at the start of dinner. Eventually, I’d like to do a scripture reading immediately before or after dinner, but Monster has trouble NOT eating while we say grace, so it’ll be a few years before we get to that point! For now, I plan on doing a daily scripture reading after Monster goes to bed for the night. Hopefully P will be able to join me in a couple of weeks when his finals are over.
  • This year, I did most of our Christmas shopping before Advent. Usually I wait until the last minute to go shopping – making it a dreaded experience. I gotta say, it’s great knowing it’s practically done already and I’m able to focus more on Advent instead of worrying about Christmas shopping. This is definitely something I hope to do every year going forward!
  • The one tradition we did do last year was participate in the Angel tree at our church. We continued that tradition this year and hopefully we’ll be able to help every year.
  • We’ll not be listening to Christmas music until the 12 Days of Christmas. I’d like to say this will be hard for me, but I actually don’t really like Christmas music. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a good rendition of Silent Night, Holy Night as well as O, Holy Night, but listening to it on Christmas is enough to last me the whole year.  What can I say – I used to work retail!
  • Most importantly, I’ll be focusing on learning how to wait joyfully. After all – that’s the point of Advent, right? I’ve got lots of practice with waiting, but the joyful part could use some work. I’m not really sure what that will entail this year, but I’ve no doubt God will bless me abundantly with opportunities to practice!

That’s what we’ve got planned for this Advent season. Hopefully as Monster (and any future children) get older, we’ll add more meaningful traditions to this season that they can participate in as well.

What does your family do to celebrate Advent? I’d love to hear your traditions!


4 thoughts on “Our Advent – Learning to Wait Joyfully

  1. Beautifully said. The priest at Mass yesterday likened Advent to a pregnant woman (ie. Our Lady) anxiously anticipating the birth of her child……………

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