On My Nightstand

In my pre-baby days, I was always reading a book and typically I’d have 2-3 books going at the same time.

Now, I’m lucky if I read one book a month. In actuality, I read about one book per quarter. How sad is that?

Lately, I’ve been making more of an effort to read more. This is what I’ve currently got on my “nightstand” and I’ve got another two books lined up that I’d like to finish before the end of this year (once I finish these two, of course).

What are you currently reading?


4 thoughts on “On My Nightstand

  1. I’m reading Teaching Minds: How Cognitive Science Can Save Our Schools by Roger Schank … and I LOVE it and if you are going to home school Lucas I highly recommend it – cognitive science is the future

    • Sounds very interesting! I added it to my “To Read” list – I’m excited to check it out! We still haven’t decided yet if we’ll homeschool or not, but I love reading “education” books – they’re so fascinating! Thanks for the recommendation.

  2. If you are getting in a book a month you are doing better than I did. With my youngest in high school now, I am reading again and have even joined a book club, which I love. We are reading Straight Man now.

  3. A book a month is a nobel effort with kids and real life. I still have a few going at a time – sort of like yours; something spiritual, something food related and a novel. My next book review will be either a book on plants or a cookbook.

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