Monster has been showing more and more independence lately. A couple of weeks ago, Monster started refusing help going down the slide. When P or I would try to help, he’d say “No! Swing, Mama. Swing, Dada.” and point to the swings next to the slide. Because he’s ridiculous, he actually wouldn’t move a step farther until we had sat down on the swings (bossy, much?).

Up the stairs….

…and down the slide!

Now he climbs up and slides down all by himself.  My little man is growing up!



4 thoughts on “Independence

  1. I know everyone tells you this but savor every second. It happens so quickly. They are tiny and then they aren’t anymore. The stages that i’m at are just as much fun but I want to bottle it all.

    • He wants to swing by himself…he’s just not quite there with the whole holding on & pumping his legs at the same time. Eventually! I’m sure he’ll grow up before I know it though!

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