CSA Adventures – Week 14 – Roasted Radishes

I think fall has officially arrived here in Pennsylvania. We haven’t had our air-conditioner on in over a week and the mornings have been so chilly that we’ve all been wearing long pants and long sleeve shirts while we wait for the sun to burn the chill off the ground.

The un-official arrival of fall also means that soon our CSA will be providing us with fall root vegetables and greens. This week we got a prelude of what’s to come, as we received radishes for the first time since early summer and swiss chard. Can’t wait to see new vegetables we’ll be receiving in the next few weeks!

This weekend was pretty hectic – with all the chaos I completely forgot to take a picture of this week’s share – so you’ll just have to read about it instead. 😉

Week 14’s share included:

·         1 bunch of scallions

·         1 bunch of Swiss chard

·         1 bunch of Easter egg radishes

·         1 stalk of garlic

·         1 quart of beans

·         5 peppers

·         1 salsa packet

·         3 lbs of heirloom tomatoes

·         1 lb of red tomatoes

·         1 pint of cherry tomatoes

·         1 lb of braising greens

Between adjusting to P’s new schedule and attending a wedding this past weekend, we’ve been slacking a bit on our vegetable consumption. So this week I’m freezing the beans and peppers.

After last week’s success, the tomatoes and salsa packet will be made into more salsa.

The Swiss chard is going to be sautéed in garlic and butter and will be a side for tomorrow’s dinner. The braising green will be included in a warm pasta salad and whatever is left over will be made into a salad. The braising greens are somewhat bitter, but taste great with a little bit of sweet dressing on top.

I thought I’d do something a little different with the radishes this week, so I made them into roasted radishes. For fun, I also roasted a pepper, then mixed in some chopped-up scallions and nectarines. It was the perfect side to grilled chicken with a light balsamic dressing and some brown rice. It was super easy and P deemed it edible, so I’m marking this recipe down as a win. 😉 Monster was not really a fan. He took a couple bites and then spit it out. He much preferred to play with them (as he kept calling the radishes “balls” and rolling around the one we gave him on his tray).

Prepping radishes and peppers for roasting


Dinner! Mmm Mmm



As always, I’m linking up to the “What’s in the Box” party over at In Her Chucks. It’s a wealth of CSA information and recipes, so if you’re looking for a new recipe to try, you should definitely check it out!


6 thoughts on “CSA Adventures – Week 14 – Roasted Radishes

    • Oh no! i’m sorry to hear that! The roasted radishes were pretty bland, but the addition of the roasted pepper and fruit/scallion helped to make up for it. Maybe roasting them with some other veggies would help?

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