Day Date

Yesterday was a rough day. I went to bed late, Monster woke up early and only napped for 45 minutes the whole day. I needed to run a quick errand, so after Monster woke up from his very brief nap, we hopped in the car. Unfortunately, the store I needed to go to was temporarily closed. This was especially frustrating because I had checked online before leaving to make sure they would be there and it takes about 30 minutes to get there. Grr!!

Since I’d basically stuck Monster in the car as soon as he woke up, I felt bad driving straight home, because I knew he was anxious to stretch his legs a bit. Luckily there was a Whole Foods nearby, so we made a pit stop there and had a “day date.” Monster got a muffin and I got some much needed coffee! Of course, after about 3 minutes of sitting still and eating his muffin, Monster got bored and started pushing shopping carts around. Luckily the outside food area was deserted, so I could enjoy my coffee without having to worry about Monster bumping into anyone.

Mmm – muffin!

Mumma – stop taking my picture!


After our Whole Foods “date” I decided to take Monster to the library so he could pick out some new books for reading time. In keeping with yesterday’s theme, apparently our library is closed on Mondays (I totally should have checked this out online before going). After hyping it up, Monster was pretty disappointed – he kept pulling on the door handle while yelling “books!” It was actually kind of cute, in a pathetic sort of way. Luckily, there is a playground near the library, so the trip wasn’t a complete waste. Monster had so much fun playing he forgot about the books we originally came to get.

Tomorrow we’re going to run the same errands again. This time I called ahead to make the store will be open and I now have the library hours memorized, so hopefully we’ll have better luck! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Day Date

  1. I love the image of Monster trying so hard to get the books! We go to the library a lot, but it’s usually books for me or signing videos. I’ve been hesitant to actually check out books for Alisdair because of the germ factor (the ONE time we went to baby storytime, he got an ear infection.) I suppose I could wipe down board books.

    Or I could stop being hypocritical – I let him go nuts flipping through hymnals at church because it keeps him quiet and he doesn’t destroy them, and he’s never been sick from that!

    • This was only the second time we got books out of the library for Monster. The germ factor never occurred to me – i just wasn’t sure if he’d handle the books gently enough. But he has been! So far he hasn’t gotten sick though! Although, we’ve been fortunate so far, aside from a runny nose every time he is cutting teeth, Monster hasn’t been sick yet.

  2. The summer before last my daughter had a little break between ballet and a voice lesson and we used to stop in at a local natural foods store for a yogurt. Sometimes the little things make the best memories. Hopefully next time you actually get IN everywhere you want!

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