Looks Like Trouble

P’s fall semester has officially started. Since this is only his first week, it’s too soon to tell how P’s new schedule will affect Monster. Last night I forgot that P told me he’d probably be home early, since he only had a lab…and well, you don’t usually do much on the first day of a lab if you haven’t had a class yet.

So, I decided to cook dinner for Monster and myself, since I didn’t think P would be home until much later. While I was doing food prep, I tried to distract Monster by playing an episode of Curious George for him on the computer. It worked for about 10 minutes, but then he wanted me to sit with him and watch it. Luckily those 10 minutes were enough time to get everything chopped up and into the pan AND start washing the dirty, non-dishwasher friendly dishes that had built up over the day. I can’t remember why, but I stepped away from the sink for a couple of minutes (I think it was to wipe down Monster’s highchair tray from lunch). Monster had been playing next to me in the kitchen drawers he could reach. When I walked away, he took that as his cue to “improvise” a step stool and get into the drawer that is just out of his reach.

I must admit, I was pretty interested to see what he would do once he got the drawer open. He proceeded to first pull out all the sharp kitchen utensils (pizza cutter and vegetable peeler – you know, the ones we don’t let him play with), hold them up to me and proclaim “sharp!” before handing them to me. *Sigh* Don’t worry – he didn’t get hurt. When he sees us using these items and wants them we tell him “No, they’re sharp”, so consequently, “sharp” is what he calls all these kitchen items. I don’t think he knows the definition of sharp, but he does know that he’s not supposed to touch sharp items.

Sharp, Momma!

Monster then had fun playing with the rest of the kitchen utensils in that drawer in the dishwater in the sink. Yep – looks like it’s time to baby-proof this drawer.

This looks interesting…

Oh – hello!


Dinner…chicken, tomatoes, and onions – yum, yum!

What has your little one gotten into lately?


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