Monk! Monk!

I’ve recently started helping our neighbor walk her dogs. It gets me some exercise and it also helps out our neighbor, so in those respects, it’s a win-win.

It also gives P more one-on-one time with Monster, which is nice since he’ll be starting back to classes in a couple short weeks and won’t get to spend as much time with him. Unfortunately, we typically don’t walk until later in the evening, which means that Monster is getting tired and cranky. Not really an ideal situation for daddy-son bonding time.

What makes a tired, cranky toddler, less tired and cranky? Curious George, of course! One day, in an effort to distract Monster while I left, P decided to play an episode of Curious George for Monster. And boy did he love it! Monster has taken to George more than I would have imagined – and now clamors for him multiple times of day – “Monk! Monk!”  he says when he sees the TV (we’re still working on most two syllable words).

For now, Monster is only allowed to watch Curious George right before bedtime or while I’m out walking. The system seems to be working well, although I feel like a sell-out for already allowing Monster to watch TV.

Relaxing with his monkey

Along those lines, P and I have been brainstorming other (non-TV) ways to incorporate Curious George into Monster’s life, since he seems to enjoy him. Monster has a half-birthday coming up, so we’re thinking of using that as an excuse to get him a Curious George book and perhaps a stuffed animal (although Monster already has too many stuffed animals). He has a Monkey teething toy that he’s taken to carrying around lately and he he’ll point out the monkey’s ears, eyes, nose, mouth, and toes when you ask him to, in addition to making the monkey “jump”. It’s really cute to watch!

What are some of your child’s favorite non-TV activities?


4 thoughts on “Monk! Monk!

  1. Alisdair gets about half an hour of TV on weekdays…mostly signing videos, sometimes Blue’s Clues (found it on Netflix.) I sometimes (OK, often) feel guilty about it, but it is probably the only time I can make a phone call and not have him clamoring to “help” me with it.

    I have a suspicion that the TV is on when I’m at work, too, which bugs me more because it includes advertising, but I am not going to win that battle (I suggested getting rid of cable and you would have thought I suggested amputating a limb.)

    Anyway, our non-TV activities are reading and puzzles – Alisdair mostly takes the pieces out to play with, but recently he’s started trying to put them back, too.

    • I tried puzzles with Monster a few months ago, but his motor skills weren’t quite there yet and he was getting frustrated that he couldn’t put them back in. I should bring them back again and see if he likes them more now. Thanks for the reminder!

      We just got rid of cable, after having it for a year. It was cheaper to get an Internet/cable combo rather than just Internet, but we moved recently and the best deal we could find was Internet only. So now we just do Netflix. P is going back to school in the evenings, so he doesn’t mind. I suspect that might change when he is finally finished with school…we’ll see! I’m fairly certain P watches tv with Monster more than I would like him to when I’m not there too…must be a dad thing. 😉

  2. Reading, reading, and more reading!! I actually can’t get enough of the books with the kids. We are constantly going to the library and borrowing new ones. And let’s just say that Barnes and Noble knows me all to well. Jake and Connor also like to play in the sandbox, and Jake loves anything to do with animals. His new interest is the Lone Ranger from back-in-the-day. Jake is also very big on doing “workbooks,” which are preschool type activity books I buy at Target or Jo Ann Fabrics to get him working on letter, numbers, and other school related topics. Jake loves to watch movies too, and I think every mother needs those few moments to do whatever.

    Since Monster likes Curious George so much, I highly recommend “The Treasury of Curious George” books which have several stories in one book. There is that half-price book store on McKnight Rd where you might be able to find gently used discounted ones if you didn’t want to buy full-price. It is my new favorite place, and you can redeem Recyclebank points for coupons there.

    • Thanks for the tip about Hal Priced Books. I haven’t been there in forever, I should check it out! Monster prefers to “read” books himself right now…so we got some Curious George books out from the library the other day to see if he’d sit still for them before we bought him any. Monster loves sand too! He makes a mess with it, which I suspect is probably why he loves it so much.

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